Odessa Sightseeing in November

Visiting Odessa in November & interested in sightseeing? From the catacombs to the city’s museums to champagne and wine tour to pubs walk and food tasting tour there’s a lot to see and do despite the autumn weather.

Catacombs tour. According to local historians, the tunnels cover the distance of 2,500 km (about 1,500 miles) if put in one line. This makes Odessa’s catacombs the longest in Europe. During different periods, the tunnels served home to criminals and smugglers, anarchists and bolsheviks, and later to WWll resistance. There’s a lot to explore and learn on the catacombs tour!


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Odessa’s Catacombs – a must-see during an Odessa visit

The 1500-miles labyrinth of underground tunnels. The largest in Europe. Home to smugglers, criminals and WW 2 partisans.

Odessa literally stands on a gigantic labyrinth of underground tunnels. How did the tunnels appear? In the nineteenth century, a newly founded booming town needed stone for construction. The tunnels are the mines created to get limestone to build the houses.

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November in Odessa – Weather and Things to See and Do

Late spring, summer and first two months of autumn are typically the best and most touristy time in Odessa. In the beginning of November things slow down a lot (like in every coastal town), the weather gets chilly, sandy beaches turn empty and all Odessans start dreaming of the next summer.

Although, it will be wrong to say that Odessa is completely avoided by tourists in November. There are quite a few people who prefer to travel offseason to enjoy better deals, skip the lines to the sights and avoid the crowds. With the moderate November weather and fairly blue skies, Odessa has its own charm in autumn and is worth a couple of days visit.


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Inside Odessa’s underground tunnels (aka “catacombs”)

Odessa catacombs

Quick Facts about Odessa’s Catacombs
– The tunnels under Odessa are the longest underground tunnels in Europe, covering the distance of about 1553 miles.
– Unlike the catacombs in Rome and Paris, they’ve never been a place of burial for people
– Acting as a base camp for the partisan groups during the city’s occupation in WWll, the catacombs now feature a museum, which shows how people lived in the tunnels during the war

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