Odessa Food Tasting Tour

One of our favorite tours is Odessa’s Foodie walk:)) And it’s just perfect for the winter weather. A walk between three cozy local restaurants does not exceed more than 40 minutes, yet you see most of the city landmarks and mouth-watering food is sure to keep you warm and delighted 🙂 And you get a chance to learn how to make Odessa’s style pancakes from one of the city’s best cooks:)) Join us when in Odessa! To book a tour email at

Odessa Food tour

Odessa’s Cuisine – Beef Stroganoff

Odessa is one of those destinations where you really should slow down, sit at the table at one of the cute outdoor cafes, which abound in the historic quarter and savor absolutely delicious local cuisine. Even if food does not come to define your travel experience. Why do I say so?

Not only do the local restaurants and cafes impress with the motive (yes, it’s a thing in Odessa to focus on interior design), their menus are a yummy way to immerse in the city’s history and culture. From the traditional Ukrainian dumplings and borsch to the Slavic “blini” (or blintz) to the Jewish “forshmak” and gefilte fish to mouthwatering bell peppers cooked in Bulgarian style, Odessa’s cuisine is a genuine reflection of the city’s cosmopolitan nature.
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