Private Odessa Tour in Winter: What’s Best to Do

Planning to be in Odessa in winter and wondering whether it’s possible to do any sightseeing at all without freezing to death? In this blog post, let’s talk about what’s doable and not and how to get the most of your time in Odessa in winter.

For a start, here’s a quote from our tour guest, who visited Odessa right after New Years and took several tours, although it was quite cold and snowy. “I was there two years ago for New Years and went on two of your tours. I was surprised that it was the best time to visit Odessa!”

Early January morning. Odessa’s historic quarter
Richelieu statue in winter
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Top 7 Tours and Things to Do in Odessa Off Season

If you are considering a trip to Odessa in the winter or you are already in our beautiful coastline town, here are some tips on what to expect and how to make the most of your time in Odessa off season.

When is the off season in Odessa?
End of October to mid-April. Including Christmas and News Year’s.

What weather to expect?
Temperature-wise, it can be anything from +10C (50F) to -5C (23F), but what really makes a huge difference is the wind. Northern winds make any walk around the city a highly unpleasant endeavor. As for the snow, there’s usually none up until the very end of December. Last year we saw the first snowflakes on the New Year’s night and then in two days the city looked like this

odessa in winter
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