Odessa Literary Museum Tour

One of the largest museums of its kind in the world. Amazing museum lecturers. Rare exhibits and unknown facts about Pushkin, Gogol, Babel, to name a few. Unique chance to interact with Odessa’s locals, the generation of the nineteen- seventies and nineteen – eighties.

Odessa Literary Museum
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November in Odessa – Weather and Things to See and Do

Late spring, summer and first two months of autumn are typically the best and most touristy time in Odessa. In the beginning of November things slow down a lot (like in every coastal town), the weather gets chilly, sandy beaches turn empty and all Odessans start dreaming of the next summer.

Although, it will be wrong to say that Odessa is completely avoided by tourists in November. There are quite a few people who prefer to travel offseason to enjoy better deals, skip the lines to the sights and avoid the crowds. With the moderate November weather and fairly blue skies, Odessa has its own charm in autumn and is worth a couple of days visit.


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