Five Benefits of a Private Odessa Tour with Odessa Walks

All travelers always face a question how to best explore a new destination: on their own, with a private guide or by joining more cost efficient group tours. When our customers question us about the best ways to see Odessa we suggest them either joining our group walks or booking a private tour. Each option has its own advantages. In this blog post we are going to look at the top five benefits of a private tour. We list them randomly, as each of us has his own priorities.

Odessa private jewish tour

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November in Odessa – Weather and Things to See and Do

Late spring, summer and first two months of autumn are typically the best and most touristy time in Odessa. In the beginning of November things slow down a lot (like in every coastal town), the weather gets chilly, sandy beaches turn empty and all Odessans start dreaming of the next summer.

Although, it will be wrong to say that Odessa is completely avoided by tourists in November. There are quite a few people who prefer to travel offseason to enjoy better deals, skip the lines to the sights and avoid the crowds. With the moderate November weather and fairly blue skies, Odessa has its own charm in autumn and is worth a couple of days visit.


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Odessa’s Cuisine – Beef Stroganoff

Odessa is one of those destinations where you really should slow down, sit at the table at one of the cute outdoor cafes, which abound in the historic quarter and savor absolutely delicious local cuisine. Even if food does not come to define your travel experience. Why do I say so?

Not only do the local restaurants and cafes impress with the motive (yes, it’s a thing in Odessa to focus on interior design), their menus are a yummy way to immerse in the city’s history and culture. From the traditional Ukrainian dumplings and borsch to the Slavic “blini” (or blintz) to the Jewish “forshmak” and gefilte fish to mouthwatering bell peppers cooked in Bulgarian style, Odessa’s cuisine is a genuine reflection of the city’s cosmopolitan nature.
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Odessa: Highlight of a Black Sea Cruise

Ukrainian port of Odessa is considered by cruise lines and travelers sailing the Black Sea a real highlight of a Black Sea journey. “Pearl of the Black Sea”, “a lively artistic and cultural centre”, “Southern Palmira” – these are just a few descriptions of the destination, mentioned in the adverts. So, let’s look at what is so special about Odessa.
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Odessa. A Must-Visit Destination During a Tour of Ukraine

Kiev. Lviv. Odessa. The order may change, but these three cities are a must visit among most of the international travelers touring Ukraine. And rightfully so. Each city has its own enchanting story, which hugely impacted its architecture, culture and spirit and made it a highlight on the Ukrainian travel map. For those who want to immerse in Ukraine’s rich and diverse history a visit to all three cities provides an excellent chance to do so.

Since we are passionate about Odessa, live in this beautiful city and do business here, we’ll talk about Odessa. What has made it so special and why we think you absolutely must visit our hometown.
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November Hues in Odessa

With just a few days left till the end of the last autumn month, we are looking forward to welcome winter to our part of the world, yet reminiscing about beautiful autumn colors in Odessa’s historic quarter. Here’s a quick video about how beautiful Odessa was this November. Enjoy watching and if you have not been here yet, we do hope you put Odessa on our travel list and visit us in the near future! 🙂

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Nessebar & Constanta Food and Culture Tour: Tasting Our Way Through the Black Sea Ports with the Windstar Cruise Travelers

How about doing something different from just a standard general observation shore excursion during your Black Sea cruise? A tour, which will provide you with really rich shore experiences of a place you are visiting?

For the first time ever, we took guests who visited us this May with the Windstar cruise’s Black Sea Tapestry cruise on a Food and Culture tour in Constanta and Nessebar. And let me tell you honestly, we all had a blast in both destinations.

But lets start from the very beginning or, to be exact, with an explanation about how we started offering this kind of a tour and what this tour is about.

We first launched a Food Tasting tour in Odessa back in 2011. The idea was quiet simple: to provide our guests not only with a chance to see the sights but to get a feel for a local lifestyle and culture through Odessa’s cuisine. After all, food for many people comes to define travel experience and is the fastest way to learn about a new city or region.

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