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Odessa on Foot and by Car private tour

This 4.5-hour private tour is ideal if you are in Odessa on a short visit and want to get a good feel for the city in one day or if you are interested in exploring Odessa beyond its historic quarter.

So, what’s included into the Odessa on Foot and by Car private tour?
Odessa sightseeing

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M/S Dniester Princess River Cruise 2017: Bucharest – Odessa – Kiev: Special Offer on Private Tours in Odessa and Constanta

M/S Dniester Princess river cruise 2017: Bucharest – Odessa – Kiev: Special Offer on Private Tours in Odessa and Constanta

Experience the Black Sea cities of Odessa and Constanta like a local and get 20% OFF on our exclusive private tours.

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Jüdische Odessa Tour (4 1\5 Stunden)

Es gibt zwei gegensätzliche Redewendungen – „ In Odessa wie Gott zu leben” und “Das Feuer der Hölle brennt 7 Meilen rund um Odessa”, die Aschkenasische Juden über Odessa gesagt haben, über die Stadt, die im 20.ten Jh. einer der grössten Judenstädten in der Welt war. Tatsächlich, Jüdische Geschichte in Odessa war voll mit den unterschiedlichen Fakten: im 19. Jh. lud Odessa Jüden zuerst herzlich ein und dann passierte das erste Pogrom im Russischen Imperiums; während einige nur Paradies sahen, war die Stadt die Brutstätte der Verderbtheit für die anderen. Odessa initiierte Haskala Bewegung und spatter wurde zu Zionismus und Chassidismus Heim.

Palestine committe Odessa
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Sightseeing in Odessa: Lion Sculptures on Odessa’s Buildings

Lion sculptures at the entrances to the historic mansions, lion heads decorating grandeur facades and beautiful gates of the houses in the historic quarter and along French boulevard, images of lions in the family symbols. After a brief walk along Odessa’s city center, it becomes obvious that lions were a highly popular ornament in the XlX century. What’s the reason to this?

Vorontsov palace lions

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Kulinarische Stradtführung durch Odessa (3 St.)

Kosten Sie authentische nationale Gerichte während Ihrer Odessa Geschichte- und Kulturuntersuchung. Betrachten Sie wie Odessa’s Chefköcher kochen Ihre Speise für Sie und lernen lokale Rezepte.

Nehmen Sie an unserer Exkursion durch historisches Zentrum Odessa teil. Besuchen sie gemütliche Restaurants und kosten ethnische Speisen. Odessa hat einzigartige Cousine – das ist die Mischung von der Griechischen, Bulgarischen, Jüdischen, Russischen und Ukrainischen Küche. Während dieses Tours können Sie die ganze Varietät von den Speisen schmecken, die Odessa den Ruf von einem den besten Kultur- und Kochzentren der Ukraine und USSR gegeben hat.

odessa food tasting tour

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Jewish Odessa Walking Tour (2 1/5-hour)

Sylvester Stallone, Sydney Pollack, David Copperfield, Kirk Douglas, Steven Spielberg, Sigmund Freud, Bob Dylan, Boris Pasternak – these are just a few celebrity names, whose family roots are connected with Odessa.

How did Odessa become the third largest city in terms of Jewish population in the world by the end of the XlX century? What made the Jews in Russian Empire and Odessa escape the country at the first decade of the XX century? On this 2.5-hour walking tour we’ll talk about the “Golden Age” of Odessa’s Jewish community:
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Odessa Private Tour

A private tour is ideal if you prefer seeing a destination at your own pace, need a custom program or if you have limited time and want to see it all. Here are a few tips on what’s best to explore in Odessa with a private tour.

Odessa’s Jewish history

The turn-of-the–twentieth-century Odessa was the third largest city in the world after New York and Warsaw in terms of Jewish population. Of course, much of the Jewish heritage did not survive Soviet times and Romanian occupation during the Second World War.

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Odessa Literary Museum Tour

One of the largest museums of its kind in the world. Amazing museum lecturers. Rare exhibits and unknown facts about Pushkin, Gogol, Babel, to name a few. Unique chance to interact with Odessa’s locals, the generation of the nineteen- seventies and nineteen – eighties.

Odessa Literary Museum
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Five Benefits of a Private Odessa Tour with Odessa Walks

All travelers always face a question how to best explore a new destination: on their own, with a private guide or by joining more cost efficient group tours. When our customers question us about the best ways to see Odessa we suggest them either joining our group walks or booking a private tour. Each option has its own advantages. In this blog post we are going to look at the top five benefits of a private tour. We list them randomly, as each of us has his own priorities.

Odessa private jewish tour

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