Odessa Jewish Heritage

Odessa Jewish Heritage: the Jewish hospital – one of the Jewish artifacts, which survived the pogroms, revolution, the Civil war, WW2 and the Soviet period. Built by the Jewish community in 1860s-1870s on the funds, which came from the interest on the special bank deposit and kosher butcher’s tax, the Jewish hospital provided medical services to the Odessa’s Jewry as well as all other people who needed treatment. Around 20000 people could come see the doctor there annually.
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Odessa Jewish History

The Jewish Odessa phenomenon is well-known far outside the borders of Ukraine. The book, which greatly contributed to the city’s fame is The Hare with Amber Eyes. This is just one of many beuatiful descriptions of Odessa in this book: “Odessa was a city within the Pale of Settlement, the area on the western borders of imperial Russia in which Jews were allowed to live. It was famous for its rabbinical schools and synagogues, rich in literature and music, a magnet for the impoverished Jewish shtetls of Galicia. It was also a city, which doubled its population of Jews and Greeks and Russians every decade”… (a quote from the best-seller The Hare with Amber Eyes”). Below are old photos of the Brodsky and Main Synagogue, Odessa’s port and Jewish street. #odessa #jewish #history #heritage #tour
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Odessa Sightseeing in November

Visiting Odessa in November & interested in sightseeing? From the catacombs to the city’s museums to champagne and wine tour to pubs walk and food tasting tour there’s a lot to see and do despite the autumn weather.

Catacombs tour. According to local historians, the tunnels cover the distance of 2,500 km (about 1,500 miles) if put in one line. This makes Odessa’s catacombs the longest in Europe. During different periods, the tunnels served home to criminals and smugglers, anarchists and bolsheviks, and later to WWll resistance. There’s a lot to explore and learn on the catacombs tour!


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Odessa’s Cultural Heritage: Wassily Kandinsky in the Fine Arts Museum

Wassily Kandinsky, one of the founders of abstract art, moved to Odessa with his parents in 1871, at the age of five. Since then for forty years his life in many different ways was connected with the city at the Black Sea.

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit the Shabo Winery During Your Odessa Stay

  • One of the most modern and largest production facilities in Europe
  • The only in Ukraine center of wine culture
  • A superbly put tour of both historical part of the winery and modern operations: you’ll visit 200-year old wine cellars built by the French-Swiss colonists and modern production facilities: grape processing, fine wine, grape vodka and brandy production departments and much more
  • A fascinating journey into the wine-making history of the region: from the ancient Greeks to the Ottomans to the Swiss colonists and Romanians – Shabo has quite a story to tell!
  • Last and most important – you’ll try a selection of the Shabo sparkling, fine red and wine wines :).
  • Shabo

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    Odessa’s Jewish Heritage tour

    Odessa’s Jewish history is a fascinating story to tell. Opportunities provided by the fast growing city and port both for the poor Jews from the shtetls and rich Galicia Jews were plentiful. In hundred years Odessa boasted Jewish bankers and traders, architects and doctors. The city became home to the Jewish intellectuals, housed the Haskalah movement and Odessa’s Palestine Committee. The “Star in Exile” to a Jew in the Russian Empire during the first half of the nineteenth century, Odessa evolved into the “Gates of Zion” several decades later.

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    Odessa on Foot and by Car private tour

    This 4.5-hour private tour is ideal if you are in Odessa on a short visit and want to get a good feel for the city in one day or if you are interested in exploring Odessa beyond its historic quarter.

    So, what’s included into the Odessa on Foot and by Car private tour?
    Odessa sightseeing

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    M/S Dniester Princess River Cruise 2017: Bucharest – Odessa – Kiev: Special Offer on Private Tours in Odessa and Constanta

    M/S Dniester Princess river cruise 2017: Bucharest – Odessa – Kiev: Special Offer on Private Tours in Odessa and Constanta

    Experience the Black Sea cities of Odessa and Constanta like a local and get 20% OFF on our exclusive private tours.

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    Jüdische Odessa Tour (4 1\5 Stunden)

    Es gibt zwei gegensätzliche Redewendungen – „ In Odessa wie Gott zu leben” und “Das Feuer der Hölle brennt 7 Meilen rund um Odessa”, die Aschkenasische Juden über Odessa gesagt haben, über die Stadt, die im 20.ten Jh. einer der grössten Judenstädten in der Welt war. Tatsächlich, Jüdische Geschichte in Odessa war voll mit den unterschiedlichen Fakten: im 19. Jh. lud Odessa Jüden zuerst herzlich ein und dann passierte das erste Pogrom im Russischen Imperiums; während einige nur Paradies sahen, war die Stadt die Brutstätte der Verderbtheit für die anderen. Odessa initiierte Haskala Bewegung und spatter wurde zu Zionismus und Chassidismus Heim.

    Palestine committe Odessa
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