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Odessa, Constanta & Varna Private Tours for the Fred Olsen’s Boudicca Travelers

Get 25% OFF on all our private tours & shore excursions in Odessa, Varna and Constanta and have life lasting experiences!
Choose any of our Odessa private tours and shore excursions, Varna tours and Constanta shore excursions, book a spot by emailing at and have the best of times in these Black Sea ports :)). In a group of no more than 12 people, accompanied by your local guide, enjoy this special discount and explore the best these destinations have to offer: from the delicious local foods and drinks to historic landmarks to local lifestyle to off the beaten path areas.

We look forward to showing you Odessa, Varna and Constanta!

Bucharest, Constanta and Bourgas Private Tour Options for the MSC Opera Travelers

Cruising the Black Sea on a 12 Night Mediterranean cruise in October 2016? Here’s a SPECIAL OFFER for you – book small group private tours with us in Constanta and Bourgas and get 25% OFF!
This special includes:
– A private small group private tour of Bucharest from Constanta
– Our original exclusive Constanta Food Tasting and Culture tour
– Gems of Bulgarian Coastline: Ancient Nessebar, Burgas Historic Quarter and Wine Tasting
– Our exclusive Nessebar Food Tasting and Culture Tour

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Bucharest from Constanta Private Shore Excursion

Sailing the Black Sea with the MSC Opera 12 Nights Mediterranean cruise and coming to Constanta on October 14 & 26, 2016? We have several Constanta private tour options for you!

Private Bucharest Tour from Constanta: Those of you who are really interested in seeing Romania’s capital of Bucharest and getting a feel for its impressive communist heritage should take advantage of our small group private tour of Bucharest. What are the main benefits of a small group private tour?
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Exploring Romania with a Food Tour

Rich in traditions. Diverse. Delicious. These three words best describe Romanian cuisine. Nicolae Klepper, an American author who has published non-fiction books on Romanian cookery and history wrote in his book “Taste of Romania”: “The central characteristic of the Romanian cuisine is its great variety. It is a cuisine influenced by repeated waves of different cultures: the ancient Greeks, with whom Romanians traded; the Romans, who gave the country its name; the Saxons, who settled in southern Transylvania; the Turks, who for centuries dominated Romania; as well as Slavic and Magyar neighbors. All of these influences gradually blended into the varied and delicious Romanian culinary tradition.” So, a wide spread saying that the most fruitful way to the country’s heart is through its stomach is absolutely true of Romania.
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Special Offer for Costa neoRomantica: 20% OFF on Our Constanta/Bucharest & Burgas Private Tours

Cruising the Black Sea with Costa neoRomantica this May 2016? We have a SUPER DEAL for you – 20% discount on any of our private tours in Constanta (including Bucharest shore excursion from Constanta) and Bulgarian Burgas!

The Offer is valid till April 25. To learn more/book a private tour, email us at

Visit our Romania and Bulgaria private tours’ page to select private shore excursion.


Costa neoRomantica in Constanta and Burgas: Special Discount, Sightseeing Tips and Tour Ideas

Costa neoRomantica will kick-start this cruise season in Romanian port of Constanta and Bulgarian port of Burgas in a couple of months. As these destinations are not very well known among most tourists and information on the web is rather limited, we decided to give a few sightseeing tips and tour ideas drawing on the experience of our tour guests and that of our own. And, of course, offer a special discount for Costa cruises travelers 🙂
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Odessa, Constanta and Nessebar in May – Awesome Time for Sightseeing

Lucky are Hapag-Lloyd’s ms Europa 2 and Costa cruises’ travelers, coming to Odessa, Constanta and Nessebar in May. Spring, particularly its last month, is an amazing time on the Black Sea coast. With outside temperatures varying from +60sF to +70sF (not too hot for touring), blue skies, acacias and chestnuts in full blossom, theses destinations look gorgeous and make a perfect venue for sightseeing.

Odessa in May

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Eating Your Way Through Odessa, Constanta and Nessebar on Food and Culture Tours

Get adventurous. Eat local. Explore more.

Finally, our Odessa Walks team made my dream come true and launched Food and Culture tours in two more ports: Romanian Constanta and Bulgarian Nessebar. Came live last year, the tours gave all adventurous eaters and those for whom food comes to define travel experience a unique (and yummy!) chance to immerse in culture and lifestyle of three Black Sea ports through their cuisine. More so, real foodies can now savor the taste of the Black Sea coastline cuisine and compare the foods of Ukrainian Odessa, Romanian Constanta and Bulgarian Nessebar.
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Offering Private Tours and Shore Excursions in Constanta, Varna, Nessebar and Burgas – Our First Year Anniversary in these Ports

Launching private tours and shore excursions in Constanta (Romania), Varna, Nessebar & Burgas (Bulgaria) late 2014 was quite a risk. Those who are in the travel industry know that most cruise lines cancelled Black Sea sailings for 2015.

With the first year of operations now being over, we can say with complete confidence that we coped with the risks. More so, succeeded. “Exceptional response to email reservations, no deposit required, great transportation, superb guide, diverse tour, & delicious food. YES!..” “The food tour in Constanta, the first of this kind they had offered, was a resounding success…”. “We had lots of laughs, and I saw and experienced many interesting things. Victoria was very knowledgeable and her driver was experienced and safe”… These are just a few of the customer reviews we’ve got throughout the year.

On a private Bucharest tour with the Princess cruises travelers

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Highlights of the 2015 Black Sea Cruise Season & Private Tours in Odessa, Constanta, Varna and Nessebar

Having called at Constanta (Romania) and Varna (Bulgaria) a week ago, ms Prinsendam (Holland America cruise line) closed the 2015 cruise season in the Black Sea. So, it’s now time to sum up its results.

How did this season go for us? Honestly, much better than the last year’s. While we certainly missed all the 100 cruise ship calls, which we used to get in 2012 and 2013, we were thrilled to welcome those few, which called on Odessa, Constanta and Bulgarian Varna, Nessebar and Burgas this year. And we tried to make the most out of the situation both for the travelers and ourselves.
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