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Bucharest, Constanta and Bourgas Private Tour Options for the MSC Opera Travelers

Cruising the Black Sea on a 12 Night Mediterranean cruise in October 2016? Here’s a SPECIAL OFFER for you – book small group private tours with us in Constanta and Bourgas and get 25% OFF!
This special includes:
– A private small group private tour of Bucharest from Constanta
– Our original exclusive Constanta Food Tasting and Culture tour
– Gems of Bulgarian Coastline: Ancient Nessebar, Burgas Historic Quarter and Wine Tasting
– Our exclusive Nessebar Food Tasting and Culture Tour

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Special Offer for Hapag-Lloyd EUROPA 2 Travelers: 20% OFF on Our Odessa & Nesebar Private Tours

Cruising the Black Sea with Hapag-Lloyd’s EUROPA 2 this May 2016? We have a SUPER DEAL for you – 20% discount on any of our private tours in Odessa and Nessebar!

Interested in travels tips, sightseeing and tour ideas for Odessa and Nessebar? Visit our blog.

The Offer is valid till April 25. To learn more/book a private tour, email us at

Visit our Odessa tours’ page to select a private Odessa shore excursion.

Visit our Nessebar tours’ page to select a private Nessebar shore excursion.




UNESCO Listed Nessebar Old Town – Tips and Tour Ideas

Although a World Heritage sight, the Bulgarian coastline town of Nessebar is one of those places in Eastern Europe people don’t know much about. So, drawn from our own experience and that of our customers, here are several tips to help you plan your visit to Nesebar if you are cruising the Black Sea (and Nessebar is included into almost all Black Sea cruise itineraries) or exploring Bulgaria’s coast on a self-guided tour.
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Highlights of the 2015 Black Sea Cruise Season & Private Tours in Odessa, Constanta, Varna and Nessebar

Having called at Constanta (Romania) and Varna (Bulgaria) a week ago, ms Prinsendam (Holland America cruise line) closed the 2015 cruise season in the Black Sea. So, it’s now time to sum up its results.

How did this season go for us? Honestly, much better than the last year’s. While we certainly missed all the 100 cruise ship calls, which we used to get in 2012 and 2013, we were thrilled to welcome those few, which called on Odessa, Constanta and Bulgarian Varna, Nessebar and Burgas this year. And we tried to make the most out of the situation both for the travelers and ourselves.
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On a Private Odessa Tour with #ThomsonSpirit Travelers

We were very excited to see ThomsonSpirit, one of Thomson cruises ships, in Ukrainian Odessa and Romanian Constanta three times this year – in June, July and August as part of the Black Sea voyage. Ad each time we were thrilled to take her travelers on group walks and private tours!

ThomsonSpirit is coming back to the area one more time this September, and the September cruise itinerary includes Odessa and Bulgarian Nessebar. And we have already received tour bookings for the both ports, but we’ll be certainly excited to see more people join us for the tours! Aah, and we’ve prepared something special for the ThomsonSpirit travelers – a FREE tour of the splendid Odessa Opera House!
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Constanta and Nessebar Private Tour: Special Offer for the MSC Sinfonia Travelers

Cruising the Black Sea ports of Constanta and Nessebar in September and October 2015? We have a special offer for you! – 10% OFF for booking private tours with us in the two ports.

And what’s more to it, you get a unique chance to compare the flavors of these two exciting destinations when you join our original Food Tasting and Culture tour in Nessebar and Constanta.

Constanta Private Tour
September 23/October 17 – Constanta Food Tasting and Culture tour
More about the tour

Nessebar Private Tour
September 22/October 16
More about the tour

Hurry up! The offer is valid till September 16. The group size for each tour is limited to 12 people.



This is a SPECIAL OFFER FOR THE #THOMSONSPIRIT travelers cruising the #BlackSea in September 2015: FREE ODESSA OPERA HOUSE TOUR
Offers applies if you book Undiscovered Odessa tour with us on September 11.
Hurry up to book your place! Group size is limited to 12 people. Additional discount applies for booking tours with us in two ports – Odessa and Nessebar.

September 10, 2015 – Nessebar History, Culture and Food Tasting tour

This is a really exciting way to explore the UNESCO Heritage sight of Nessebar. Want to do something different than a general observation tour? Looking to discover real life of a Bulgarian coastline town? Interested to be guided by a local guide? Then this tour is for YOU! Guided by a local guide, we’ll taste our way through Nessebar, trying traditional foods at authentic local eateries; walk along the cobblestone side streets, take in gorgeous coastline views. Of course, the UNESCO listed architecture is not to be missed!

Maximum group size is 12 ppl. More about this tour is at


September 11, 2015 – Undiscovered Odessa tour

This is a combination of a walking tour though Odessa’s historic city center with the city’s main must-sees: the famous Potemkin Steps and Primorsky boulevard, the Vorontsov’s and Tolstoy’s palaces, Palais Royal and Deribasovskaya street. And a tour by car to historic, but much less touristy area with the oldest city market. During the tour you’ll hear a fascinating story of Odessa and follow in the footsteps of foreign settlers who built the city.

Aah, and a FREE TOUR OF ODESSA’S NATIONAL OPERA AND BALLET THEATER is included into this tour if we get a group of 6 people and more. The Odessa Opera hall has been included by Forbes into the list of the worlds’ best theaters. Not to miss when in Odessa!
Contact us at to learn more and book your place on the tour!

Hurry up, places on the both tours are limited to 12 people!

Nessebar History, Culture and Food Tour

Ready to go on a historic and culinary adventure during your visit to Nessebar? Then, join us for the Food Tasting and Cultural walking tour of Nessebar, which continues the series of our signature Food Tasting and Cultural walks that we offer in the Black Sea ports of Odessa and Constanta.
Bulgarian food 3

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Constanta and Nessebar Food, History and Culture Tour

In 2011 we launched our original Odessa Food Tasting tour. We were the first (and still are the only ones) who offered such tour in Odessa. Next year we expanded it to tailor to interests and time in port of Odessa guests who visited us with cruise ships. And the tour became an exciting mix of food, history and culture. Having received excellent reviews, we decided to provide our guests with a unique opportunity to taste their way through other Black Sea ports – Romanian Constanta and Bulgarian Nessebar. Our first guests came with a Windstar cruise in May’15. And with full confidence, I can say that both Constanta and Nessebar Food, History and Culture tours went extremely well. Here’s just one comment from our guest: “The food tour in Constanta, the first of this kind they had offered, was a resounding success. I have already tried to recreate some of the dishes we had along the way” (full review is available on our listing on Tripadvisor).

So, we are very excited and looking forward to taking you on a food journey through the Black Sea ports. And meanwhile, to let you sneak a peek at the Constanta Food, History and Culture tour, we’ve put together a short video about the tour. Enjoy watching and contact us at to book your place on the tour.

Safe Travels!


Nessebar (Bulgaria) Cruise Port

When going on a cruise, it’s always good to know as much as possible about your ports of call. Helps to make a decision on how to best spend your time there: opt for a self-tour, join a shore excursion organized by your cruise or book a private guide. We’ve put together this video about Nessebar cruise port to provide with an idea where it is a respect to the town and how to get from the cruise dock to the historic area.

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