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Jewish Odessa: Odessa’s Schindler

Odessa’s Holocaust memorial is a tribute to one of the most tragic periods of the city’s history.

Odessa Holocaust memorial

Hidden behind the sculptures and the plaques is a deeply personal story of an Odessa Jew, Yakov Maniovich. But it’s not only his story. It’s the story of thousands of Odessa and Bessarabia Jews who were killed and just a few hundreds who managed to survive. It’s the story of Odessa during Romanian occupation and the gentile who rescued the Jews.

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Odessa Tour by Car

Thinking of taking a tour by car in Odessa and wondering what’s included? Here’re a few insights from a local guide.

It’s best to split the Odessa tour by car in two parts: start with the walking tour of the historic city center and then proceed with the tour by car to other neighborhoods. Why do we recommend seeing the city this way? First and foremost, at Odessa Walks we are big advocates of walking tours :). The best way to get under the skin of a city is by walking it. Secondly, Odessa’s old town is perfect for walking tours: it’s very compact, all sights are close to each other and it’s well worth going behind the façade of the landmarks and into the courtyards to get a feel for local lifestyle. Even if you are limited in time, it’s still worth spending a couple of hours walking the cobblestone streets of Odessa’s historic quarter:).

BeFunky Collage_courtyard

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Odessa tour: Pushkinskaya street

“…Pushkin street, an important street, majestically sleepy, … for some reason even the large hotel on the corner did not stick out… it seemed that grand, classical antiquity was living out its last days on this section of Pushkin street, where grain traders were still called merchants and mixed both Greek and Italian phrases into their conversations.” Vladimir (Ze’ev) Jabotinsky “The Five” BeFunky Collage_Pushkinskaya

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit the Shabo Winery During Your Odessa Stay

  • One of the most modern and largest production facilities in Europe
  • The only in Ukraine center of wine culture
  • A superbly put tour of both historical part of the winery and modern operations: you’ll visit 200-year old wine cellars built by the French-Swiss colonists and modern production facilities: grape processing, fine wine, grape vodka and brandy production departments and much more
  • A fascinating journey into the wine-making history of the region: from the ancient Greeks to the Ottomans to the Swiss colonists and Romanians – Shabo has quite a story to tell!
  • Last and most important – you’ll try a selection of the Shabo sparkling, fine red and wine wines :).
  • Shabo

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    Odessa’s Jewish Heritage tour

    Odessa’s Jewish history is a fascinating story to tell. Opportunities provided by the fast growing city and port both for the poor Jews from the shtetls and rich Galicia Jews were plentiful. In hundred years Odessa boasted Jewish bankers and traders, architects and doctors. The city became home to the Jewish intellectuals, housed the Haskalah movement and Odessa’s Palestine Committee. The “Star in Exile” to a Jew in the Russian Empire during the first half of the nineteenth century, Odessa evolved into the “Gates of Zion” several decades later.

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    Odessa on Foot and by Car private tour

    This 4.5-hour private tour is ideal if you are in Odessa on a short visit and want to get a good feel for the city in one day or if you are interested in exploring Odessa beyond its historic quarter.

    So, what’s included into the Odessa on Foot and by Car private tour?
    Odessa sightseeing

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    M/S Dniester Princess River Cruise 2017: Bucharest – Odessa – Kiev: Special Offer on Private Tours in Odessa and Constanta

    M/S Dniester Princess river cruise 2017: Bucharest – Odessa – Kiev: Special Offer on Private Tours in Odessa and Constanta

    Experience the Black Sea cities of Odessa and Constanta like a local and get 20% OFF on our exclusive private tours.

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    Jüdische Odessa Tour (4 1\5 Stunden)

    Es gibt zwei gegensätzliche Redewendungen – „ In Odessa wie Gott zu leben” und “Das Feuer der Hölle brennt 7 Meilen rund um Odessa”, die Aschkenasische Juden über Odessa gesagt haben, über die Stadt, die im 20.ten Jh. einer der grössten Judenstädten in der Welt war. Tatsächlich, Jüdische Geschichte in Odessa war voll mit den unterschiedlichen Fakten: im 19. Jh. lud Odessa Jüden zuerst herzlich ein und dann passierte das erste Pogrom im Russischen Imperiums; während einige nur Paradies sahen, war die Stadt die Brutstätte der Verderbtheit für die anderen. Odessa initiierte Haskala Bewegung und spatter wurde zu Zionismus und Chassidismus Heim.

    Palestine committe Odessa
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    Kulinarische Stradtführung durch Odessa (3 St.)

    Kosten Sie authentische nationale Gerichte während Ihrer Odessa Geschichte- und Kulturuntersuchung. Betrachten Sie wie Odessa’s Chefköcher kochen Ihre Speise für Sie und lernen lokale Rezepte.

    Nehmen Sie an unserer Exkursion durch historisches Zentrum Odessa teil. Besuchen sie gemütliche Restaurants und kosten ethnische Speisen. Odessa hat einzigartige Cousine – das ist die Mischung von der Griechischen, Bulgarischen, Jüdischen, Russischen und Ukrainischen Küche. Während dieses Tours können Sie die ganze Varietät von den Speisen schmecken, die Odessa den Ruf von einem den besten Kultur- und Kochzentren der Ukraine und USSR gegeben hat.

    odessa food tasting tour

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