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Day Trips from Odessa (aka Odesa) Ukraine

While visiting new destinations a lot of travelers are interested in exploring them beyond the historic quarter and city borders. A question frequently asked by our tour guests is about the day trips from Odessa. What’s worth seeing in the countryside? How long does it take to travel around Odessa’s region? What is the best itinerary? Here’re a few ideas and itineraries drawn on my personal preferences and experience:).

Akkerman fortress tour
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Odessa Food Tasting Tour

One of our favorite tours is Odessa’s Foodie walk:)) And it’s just perfect for the winter weather. A walk between three cozy local restaurants does not exceed more than 40 minutes, yet you see most of the city landmarks and mouth-watering food is sure to keep you warm and delighted 🙂 And you get a chance to learn how to make Odessa’s style pancakes from one of the city’s best cooks:)) Join us when in Odessa! To book a tour email at

Odessa Food tour

Private Odessa Tour in Winter: What’s Best to Do

Planning to be in Odessa in winter and wondering whether it’s possible to do any sightseeing at all without freezing to death? In this blog post, let’s talk about what’s doable and not and how to get the most of your time in Odessa in winter.

For a start, here’s a quote from our tour guest, who visited Odessa right after New Years and took several tours, although it was quite cold and snowy. “I was there two years ago for New Years and went on two of your tours. I was surprised that it was the best time to visit Odessa!”

Early January morning. Odessa’s historic quarter
Richelieu statue in winter
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Things To Do in Odessa in December

O’key, to be completely fair, December is not the most magical month in Odessa. Yet, the city has some winter charm and there are festive things to do as Odesseans celebrate Christmas and New Year.

New Year in Odessa
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Odessa Sightseeing in November

Visiting Odessa in November & interested in sightseeing? From the catacombs to the city’s museums to champagne and wine tour to pubs walk and food tasting tour there’s a lot to see and do despite the autumn weather.

Catacombs tour. According to local historians, the tunnels cover the distance of 2,500 km (about 1,500 miles) if put in one line. This makes Odessa’s catacombs the longest in Europe. During different periods, the tunnels served home to criminals and smugglers, anarchists and bolsheviks, and later to WWll resistance. There’s a lot to explore and learn on the catacombs tour!


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Odessa’s Cultural Heritage: Wassily Kandinsky in the Fine Arts Museum

Wassily Kandinsky, one of the founders of abstract art, moved to Odessa with his parents in 1871, at the age of five. Since then for forty years his life in many different ways was connected with the city at the Black Sea.

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Odessa: City of Unmatched Cultural Heritage

Kandinsky, Babel, Zhabotinsky, Gilels, Oistrakh. These are just a few names from an endless list of musicians, writers, painters and other Bohemian types whose lives are connected with this beautiful city. Founded on a steep deserted Black Sea cliff at the dawn of the eighteenth century, Odessa, only a hundred or so years later produced a fare share of prominent names in literature, art and music.

Odessa music and literature heritage
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Going from Odessa and Chisinau

“How to get from Odessa to the capital of Moldova, Chisinau?” – This is a frequent question we get from our guests. Of course, the best and fastest (but certainly not the cheapest ☺) way to travel to Chisinau, which is located just about 200 kilometers (124 miles) away from Odessa is by car or taxi. But if you don’t have a car and are looking for a cheaper alternative to a taxi, then a public bus is the only option. And since I’ve recently traveled to Chisinau from Odessa here’re a few tips and comments drawn on my personal experience.

a road from Odessa to Chisinau
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