Bucharest: Jewish Heritage and Communist Past (a full day tour)

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Join us for this full day shore excursion as we take a day trip to Bucharest to uncover two chapters of Romanian capital’s fascinating history: Jewish Heritage and Communist era.

Captivating, yet dramatic story of Romania’s Jewry goes all the way back to the ancient times when the first Jews came to the lands of the modern day Romania from the Roman Empire. Joined by the Sephardim and the Ashkenazim through the course of the centuries, Romanian Jewish community became diverse and grew to over 700,000 Jews by the early 20th century. With the majority of Romania’s Jewry now living in Bucharest, the Romania’s capital provides a unique chance to immerse into the country’s Jewish history.

We will follow the Jewish Bucharest trail and visit the Temples, discover history and traditions of Romania’s Jewry in the Jewish History Museum, visit the Holocaust Memorial and the Holocaust Museum. How can it be possible that once vibrant and large Romanian Jewish community now counts only 3,000 Jews? What happened to the once upcoming Bucharest’s Jewish quarter? Zionism and illegal immigration to Israel, riots and discrimination policies of various regimes. We’ll discuss these and many more topics as we follow the Jewish Bucharest trail.

Undoubtedly, Romania’s Jewish history is intertwined with the country’s Communist period. And as we follow the city’s Jewish trail and visit the must- see sights, we will go back in time to the Communist-era Romania and uncover this side of the story.

Photos of the Tour

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