Constanta Highlights and a Jewish Story (5-hour tour)


Explore Constanta’s Old Town and discover the dramatic story of its Jewish community on this half-day shore excursion.

We’ll walk through Constanta’s historic quarter, taking in the best it has to offer: the fascinating Casino and the promenade, the seventeenth century Peter and Paul Cathedral and Ovid Square, called so after a Roman poet, who was exiled to Constanta in the ancient times. You’ll hear a captivating story of the old day Constanta, which once was in the middle of the trade route that connected Eastern Europe and Constantinople. The coastline town flourished attracting people of different professions and nationalities: Bulgarians and Greeks, Armenians and Serbs, Germans and French. And of course, the Jews, who claim to have come here with the Legion Judaica back in the 1st century AC.

Indeed, the Jewish story of Constanta is captivating, yet tragic. Vibrant and diverse, a mixture of the Sephardim and Ashkenazim, Constanta’s Jewish community was represented by merchants and bankers, doctors and men of science, craftsmen and shop owners. The devastating events of the 20th century did not pass them by. Riots and Holocaust, anti-Semitism of the Communist government and economic hardships of the 1990s led the once flourishing community to the point of death and made its architectural heritage almost vanish. What once was a magnificent Great Synagogue, now is a three wall deteriorating building, a true metaphor to the faded glory of the community. However, as long as at least some Jewish artifacts and sights exist in the Old Town and general places of interest can tell the Jewish story of the place, let’s follow the trail and your guide will skillfully recreate the time when Temples functioned and Jewish neighborhood was a lively area.

Photos of the Tour

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