Secrets and Splendors of Varna (4-hour tour)

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Bulgaria’s third largest city and maritime capital, Varna boasts fascinating history, which we’ll discover on our Secrets and Splendors of Varna shore excursion.

We’ll walk through Varna’s historic quarter and explore its landmarks – the ancient Roman Thermae and towering over the city center the magnificent Assumption Cathedral. We’ll stroll through Varna’s old neighborhoods and visit fascinating old churches, hiding in the ground from indifferent men in the street.

We’ll go on a treasure hunt in Varna’s Archeological museum and discover the oldest worked gold found anywhere in the world. And much more unique artifacts: Roman surgical implements, Hellenistic tombstones and recreated ancient burials found along the Black Sea shoreline.

You may rightfully say that you can see it all by yourself… We’ll dare argue with that – each sight in Varna, even the most known one, has a little bit of secret history, which we’ll crack during this tour. And we’ll share with you exciting stories, and to hear the stories is to experience the city.

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