Crimea Walks – Your Best Private Guide into Yalta and Sevastopol

There’s so much more to Yalta and Sevastopol, than lies behind the walls of Sevastopol’s military forts and Yalta’s landmark palaces. Crimea’s Southern coastline with its eye-popping landscapes and hidden history of must-see sights, a mix of ethnic cultures and a clash of ideologies, provides for a fascinating journey. And we’d like to take you on this journey and show you Yalta and Sevastopol as if we are showing it to visiting friends!

From private tours to small group shore excursions to tips and travel ideas we’d like to share with you the best of our experiences of Crimea’s Southern coastline. And don’t get confused with the “Walks” part of the name: it’s not about hiking the Crimean mountains or Yalta’s and Sevastopol’s hillside. It’s about an engaging, fun and “beyond the guidebook” experience of a true walking tour, which we bring to our private and shore excursions. It’s about exciting stories told by our expert guides and stepping aside the conventional routes as we explore the area. And yes, we do use a vehicle to get from one locale to another.

Join us for the ultimate tour experience in Yalta and Sevastopol! Get in touch with us by phone, email at, Facebook or Twitter if you have any inquiries or would like to build a totally customized tour itinerary– we are fully connected and available 24/7.

Whether you are travelling on your own and will be in Crimea for several days or visiting Yalta and Sevastopol with a cruise and your time in port is limited, our tours are skillfully crafted to make your visit a memorable experience. Tours are conducted in English and German languages.

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From stunning palaces to Riviera-grade vistas to beautiful Orthodox churches we show you Yalta at its best. Join us! Ancient cave towns; Crimean & WWll battlefields; the secretive Soviet submarine base; Tatar, Greek, Slavic & Jewish cultures – Sevastopol has a lot to explore.