Odessa Food Tasting tour — Get adventurous. Eat local. Explore more. Enjoy a variety of Odessa’s traditional appetizers, Ukrainian dumplings (aka Pirogi) and absolutely delicious local desserts while exploring Odessa’s history and culture. See a chef cook a local dish for you and learn the recipes of Odessa’s traditional dishes.

Odessa offers a unique cuisine – a mix of Greek, Bulgarian, Jewish, French, Russian and Ukrainian. During this tour you will enjoy a variety of food specialties that has secured Odessa’s reputation as being one of the greatest culinary and cultural centers of Ukraine and the former USSR. You will explore 
 the history, culture and lifestyle that make Odessa so unique and set it apart from other Ukrainian cities.

Why Take the Odessa Food Tasting Tour?

Our Food Tasting Tour helps you slow down

and explore Odessa’s off-the-beaten-path areas, culture and foodie fun, without leaving the city center. After the guided tour, explore Odessa’s neighborhoods with confidence and take advantage of thoughtful recommendations from your local Odessa guide on the area’s full spectrum of cuisine, restaurants, entertainment and cultural offerings.

Travels with Sheila on a Foodie tour with Odessa Walks


“This is the tour for you if you want to learn the history of this very interesting city and also try some of its delicious foods. And if you want the best tour guide in Odessa, then book the food tour…”

What’s the price?

$45 per adult; $25 per child.

The price includes services of the guide and 3 food tastings – local appetizers, Ukrainian dumplings and Odessa’s deserts. All food tastings are done seated in Odessa’s restaurants. Drinks are extra


3 hours

How to join?

Email us at with your name and date when you’d like to join. Booking is free and should be made at least a couple of hours before the tour. We’ll respond with confirmation

When is the walk?

April-Oct: daily, at 11.00am

Nov-March: daily, at 11.00am

Where’s the meeting point?

Duc de Richelieu statue on top of the Potemkin Steps on Primorsky blvd. Look for the guide with the Odessa Walks sign

What’s the group size?

12 people max

We highly recommend booking a spot on a group walk a day in advance during the high season