Odessa on Foot and by Car private tour

This 4.5-hour private tour is ideal if you are in Odessa on a short visit and want to get a good feel for the city in one day or if you are interested in exploring Odessa beyond its historic quarter.

So, what’s included into the Odessa on Foot and by Car private tour?
Odessa sightseeing

We start the tour with a walk through Odessa’s historic area, where the story of Odessa started about two hundred years ago. The city’s past is a cocktail of funny stories cast in stone and we take it all in: how Odessa’s iconic sight appeared and why it was called the Potemkin Steps, why the statue to the French prime-minister was erected on the donations of the Odessa’s poor and rich and has become a symbol of Odessa.

Historic city center with its broad avenues, concealed streets and courtyards is a keyhole into Odessa’s past, harboring everything from traces of the city legends to a forgotten well, the only source of so precious back then drinking water in that area.

Odessa's courtyard

We’ll explore the secrets and splendors of Odessa’s main attractions and sneak a peek behind the facades of the historic landmarks.

Odessa Philharmonic hall

Following a stroll around the old part of the city, we get into the car and go to explore other neighborhoods: the Shevchenko park, French boulevard and Arcadia.

Odessa soccer stadium

The largest park in the city center, the Shevchenko park has an interesting history. It was planted in the area, which once was a deserted field and the burial place of those who died from plaque. The project of the park’s creation was sponsored by the Russian Tsar Aleksander ll. Why was the famous soccer stadium built there? What’s the story behind this wall with the cannon gun and an anchor up front? And of course, we take in the beautiful views of the harbor and the Black Sea.

Odessa harbor

The Unknown Marine stella in the Shevchenko park is the first monument dedicated to WWll, which we see during our tour. Of course, a visit to the memorial brings up conversation about the war, Romanian occupation and Jewish Holocaust in Odessa.

Odessa Unknown Marine stella

Next goes the drive along French boulevard. French boulevard gives an excellent insight into the city’s past, when it was the area of the glamorous residences located along the coast, converted into the resort places, also known as “sanatoriums” during the Soviet times. Nowadays French boulevard is one of the most popular among the locals areas with modern apartment buildings.

Final stop is Arcadia. Known as the area of nightclubs, Arcadia definitely attracts all lovers of nightlife who come to Odessa. During our tour by no means we are going to party there, but we’ll make a stop on top of the hill to get a view of the area – the nightclubs, the beaches, the private houses.

This is pretty much what this tour is about: 2.5-hour walk around the historic area and then a 2-hour tour by car to other historic neighborhoods to show you what’s there other than the old town. It’s not that long, has a good balance of walking and driving in the car and gives you a chance to see old town as well as modern neighborhoods.

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