Private Odessa Tour in Winter: What’s Best to Do

Planning to be in Odessa in winter and wondering whether it’s possible to do any sightseeing at all without freezing to death? In this blog post, let’s talk about what’s doable and not and how to get the most of your time in Odessa in winter.

For a start, here’s a quote from our tour guest, who visited Odessa right after New Years and took several tours, although it was quite cold and snowy. “I was there two years ago for New Years and went on two of your tours. I was surprised that it was the best time to visit Odessa!”

Early January morning. Odessa’s historic quarter
Richelieu statue in winter

A short walking tour around Odessa’s historic city center is doable even in the below zero (Celsius) temperature. Energetic walk in a company of a guide in the fresh air, interesting stories about Odessa and its settlers, local insights and exchange of opinions – what can be more exciting?:) Additional bonus of doing a walking tour in winter is having a guide all to yourself even if you join a group walk, and at a price of $15 per person☺. But doing a walking tour longer than one and a half or two hours might be too much.

An excellent for the winter weather walking tour is our delicious Food Tasting walk. A walk between three cozy local restaurants does not exceed more than 40 minutes, yet you see most of the city landmarks and mouth-watering food is sure to keep you warm and delighted☺

How about hot from the frying pan pancakes (aka blintz) to keep you warm?
Sophie cafe Frederic Koklen Odessa
A sight, perfect for visiting in winter is the famous Odessa’s catacombs. Comfortable temperature of +15 -16C, no wind, snow or rain inside the tunnels ☺). You can explore the labyrinth of underground tunnels, the longest in Europe, in a comfortable pace feeling absolutely warm☺.

Akkerman fortress

Another option is the tour to the Akkerman fortress and Shabo winery. Although a full day trip, staying outside on this tour is limited to a bit more than one hour at a time and that’s during the fortress tour. Besides the walk around the fortress, we do take a quick stroll to the Black Sea coast and then spend some time outside (but not much) on a winery tour. Doing this tour in winter is to a certain degree very exotic. At what other season can you see the winter waves of the open Black Sea with a little bit of snow covering the sandy coastline? Or the partially frozen Dniester estuary and the point where it gets into the Black Sea? Bessarabian (both the winery and the fortress are located in Bessarabia) vineyards covered with snow? And then at the end of the tour you get a chance to warm up savoring six kinds of local wine☺

Shabo winery in snow

So, don’t fret if you plan on being in Odessa in winter. You’ll be able to explore the city, savor its unique cuisine and travel to the picturesque suburbs. You’d love your time here!!

Safe Travels!


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