Odessa Sightseeing in November

Visiting Odessa in November & interested in sightseeing? From the catacombs to the city’s museums to champagne and wine tour to pubs walk and food tasting tour there’s a lot to see and do despite the autumn weather.

Catacombs tour. According to local historians, the tunnels cover the distance of 2,500 km (about 1,500 miles) if put in one line. This makes Odessa’s catacombs the longest in Europe. During different periods, the tunnels served home to criminals and smugglers, anarchists and bolsheviks, and later to WWll resistance. There’s a lot to explore and learn on the catacombs tour!


Odessa’s museums. Lovers of fine arts will be delighted with the tour of the Odessa Fine Arts museum and Modern Arts gallery. Those interested in archeology should visit Odessa Archeology museum, which boasts a unique collection of Scythian and Gunnic gold and very interesting collection of artifacts found along the Black Sea coast. Odessa is a city, which was loved by the writers and the bohemian types. And a true testament to this is the city’s Literary museum. Pushkin, Gogol, Chekhov, Bunin, Babel – these are just a few names featured by the museum’s exhibits.


Food tasting tour. This 3-hour tour is a perfect way to see Odessa’s historic area with most of the must-sees in a chilly weather. You’ll immerse into local history, culture and lifestyle, savor absolutely delicious local food: appetizers, Ukrainian dumplings and local desserts, while three food tastings done seated in authentic local cafes every 45 minutes of the tour will definitely keep you warm. And during the strolls between the food stops you’ll have an excellent chance to see the landmarks and off-the-beaten path areas. What can be better? 🙂


Wine tasting. Located in Odessa’s region, the Shabo winery provides an excellent opportunity to immerse into the century-old traditions of regional wine making, and at the same time visit modern wine production facilities. And of course, you’ll get a chance to taste a selection of local wine!:)

Pubs Walk. Fancy tasting local beer, glimpse into local pubs each with its own flavor and history, and see the historic part of Odessa off-the-beaten path? Then joining the Pubs Walk is an excellent idea. Yes, we do spend a little bit of time outside walking from pub to pub, but a glass of good beer and joyful ambiance of the pubs will warm you up.

Interested in booking any of the above tours with us? Email at info@odessawalks.com for the itinerary and to join the tour.

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