Odessa Tour by Car

Thinking of taking a tour by car in Odessa and wondering what’s included? Here’re a few insights from a local guide.

It’s best to split the Odessa tour by car in two parts: start with the walking tour of the historic city center and then proceed with the tour by car to other neighborhoods. Why do we recommend seeing the city this way? First and foremost, at Odessa Walks we are big advocates of walking tours :). The best way to get under the skin of a city is by walking it. Secondly, Odessa’s old town is perfect for walking tours: it’s very compact, all sights are close to each other and it’s well worth going behind the façade of the landmarks and into the courtyards to get a feel for local lifestyle. Even if you are limited in time, it’s still worth spending a couple of hours walking the cobblestone streets of Odessa’s historic quarter:).

BeFunky Collage_courtyard

After a stroll, if you are on a short visit and interested in seeing different neighborhoods or simply not keen on walking the whole day, you can proceed with a tour by car. What are the districts worth seeing besides the historic city center? Moldavanka, Arcadia, the Shevchenko park and French boulevard will give you a different insight into Odessa. You’ll visit the area, which was once dominated by the poor Jews, the smugglers and the criminals, see modern houses next to the old villas (aka “dachas”), Odessa’s beaches and the famous club area of Arcadia.

Odessa Opera House

It’s a win-win to structure the Odessa tour by car in such a way: you see more, yet optimize the tour price hence there’s no need to keep a car for the whole time. The other big advantage: by starting your exploration with the historic quarter you learn the city’s history in the chronological order, which makes it much easier to comprehend things.

How strenuous is the walking part of the tour? The historic city center is flat: no walking up or down the hill (unless you decide to walk up the Potemkin Steps:). Streets are planted with trees, so there’s lots of shade even in the summer sun.


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