Odessa Countryside and Shabo Winery Tour

Odessa countryside tour is an excellent way to spend a day outside the city. The trip  will take you to the picturesque Odessa countryside.

The tour starts with the drive through Odessa’s region. We see local villages and agricultural fields, the Black Sea coast with Soviet and modern resorts. We marvel at the point where the Dniester estuary and connects with the Black Sea.

After a 1 hour drive, we make a stop at the local resort area Zatoka – yes, it’s great to stretch the legs!:) We walk to the Black Sea coast and get a feel for the local resort life. Then, we continue the trip to the Shabo winery for the tour and wine tasting.

Founded in 1821 by the Swiss colonists, the Shabo wine factory is the most famous winery in Odessa’s region. Shabo winery is the only in Ukraine center of wine culture.

What makes the Shabo wine factory tour really special?

  • You’ll see one of the most modern and largest production facilities in Europe
  • It’s a very interesting tour of both historical part of the winery and modern operation. You’ll visit 200-year old wine cellars built by the French-Swiss colonists and some of the largest in Europe modern production facilities. We check out grape processing, fine wine, grape vodka and brandy production departments
  • It’s a fascinating journey into the wine-making history of the region. From the ancient Greeks to the Ottomans to the Swiss colonists to Romanians to the Soviets to modern period – Shabo has quite a story to tell!

Last and most important – you’ll try a selection of the Shabo fine red and white wines :).


6 hrs


On foot and by car


*Carolino Bugaz area

*Black Sea coast

*Dniester estuary

*Zatoka resort

*Shabo winery

*Shabo village

These are just some of the sights included into the tour. Email us for the complete tour itinerary and price.