Odessa Group Walking Tours, Private Tours & Shore Excursions


Want to make the most of your visit to Odessa? You are in the right place! We are passionate about Odessa, and we designed each and every tour to inspire you and help you have exceptional experience in our hometown.

Odessa offers a lot to explore: it’s a cocktail of rich history, beautiful streets, hospitable people and delicious cuisine. And Odessa Walks guides engage you into exciting explorations of many layers that make up the fabric of our city.

With us it’s not only about seeing the city’s main sights. It’s about hearing exciting stories and getting a taste of a local lifestyle and foods as you visit city’s landmarks and “off-the-beaten-path” areas with a knowledgeable and fun guide.

So, join us! From group walks to private tours to shore excursions – we are thrilled to share with you the best of Odessa in every way we can! Get in touch with us by email or phone, Facebook or Twitter – we are fully connected to make your stay in Odessa the most unforgettable experience.

Group Walking Tours Private Tours Shore Excursions
Join our group walks to get the best value and most entertaining ways to explore Odessa. How to join a walk? Want to tour Odessa at your own pace in a company of your private guide? Arrange for a private tour with us. Visiting Odessa with a cruise? We have a great choice of shore excursions to choose from or you can build your own itinerary.