Pubs Walk (2 hrs)


The Odessa Pubs walk makes for truly memorable and entertaining experience. By focusing on the off the beaten path sights of the historic city center you can explore some truly fascinating places. Alleyways and entrances of the buildings become gateways of discovery through which you step and find yourself gazing upon parts of Odessa that you would never dream existed.

The great thing about this walk is that you spend about twenty minutes getting to know an area and then you take a break in one of its pubs with “history” and which are hard to find on TripAdvisor. Here you can enjoy a drink, absorb the ambience, and discuss what you have heard so far with your guide. Once you have finished your drink, your guide will bring you back on route before stopping off at another hostelry for a break and more discussion. And thus the evening progresses until you have really explored and got to know the area, and have enjoyed the hospitality of three or so pubs.

So, if you are looking for a walking tour with a difference, why not consider the Pubs Walk and discover a whole knew side to this fascinating city.

Meeting point: Main entrance of Odessa Opera Theater

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