“The Other” Odessa (90 min)


Want to step aside from the downtown’s traditional routes and learn if there’s anything else there besides Primorsky boulevard and Deribasovskaya street? Then, this walk is for you! Totally off the beaten track, this walking tour takes you through the area, which lies across the road from Deribasovskaya, and takes you further to the quarters once populated by the city’s first craftsmen, later by artists, doctors and men of science. This is the area where the oldest city market and the second in the world bacteriological lab are. And if you want to hear a few stories about criminal Odessa (yep, Odessa used to be reallyyyy infamous for its criminal world and could be easily called “Russian Chicago” of 1930s), you should definitely go!

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“Wonderful walking tour–highly recommended for a better understanding of Odessa…”
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