Odessa Literary Museum Tour

One of the world’s largest museums of its kind. Amazing lecturers. Rare exhibits and unknown facts about Pushkin, Gogol, Babel to name a few. Unique chance to interact with Odessa’s locals, who have been with the museum since its opening.

Explore Odessa through the lens of the city’s vast literary heritage. On this exclusive tour of the Odessa Literature museum, one of the largest shrines of its kind in the world, amazing museum’s lecturers take you back in time to Odessa of Pushkin and Gogol, Chekhov and Bunin, Jabotinsky and Shalom Aleihem and many other literary names connected with the city.

Ever since Pushkin spent thirteen months here in 1823, Odessa has been a city infatuated with its writers. On this tour we explore the connection between Pushkin and Odessa, learn how Gogol wintered here and relegated most of the second part of “Dead Souls” to the flames on his return to Moscow; whose wife was probably an Odessean (Nabokov’s Vera); what Chekhov did here and the location of the real cherry orchard.

You’ll get a unique chance to interact with the lecturers, local to Odessa, who have been part with the Literary museum since its opening and find out what it took to launch a museum with the exhibits dedicated to Shalom Aleihem, Isaac Babel and Zeev Jabotinsky during the Soviet period.

As we walk through the museum’s twenty rooms (the museum is located in the nineteenth-century historic mansion), we learn Odessa’s history from early days to the Soviet period through the lives of some three hundred writers who are associated with this city by the Black Sea. An exciting journey not to be missed!

Photos of the Tour

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