Odessa Weekend Tour – Music and Arts Tour


Odessa Walks and Frederic Koklen boutique hotel are delighted to announce a tour for music and arts lovers- Odessa Music and Arts Tour. Odessa plays host in this tour, which combines stunning performances and a chance to experience the unique atmosphere, culture and history of this city, told through the life stories of the world’s greatest names in music and arts, who once lived here.

Odessa. A true jewel of Russian Empire, its Southern Capital. The city that in the 19th century stood in one rank with Paris and Vienna. The city that had the Opera Theater built just 15 years after it had been founded. The city that inspired Pushkin to write two chapters of Eugene Onegin, Gogol to work on the second volume of Dead Souls and Bunin to create Cursed Days.

Odessa gave birth to the most prominent musicians- Richter, Oistrakh and Gelels. Stolyarsky created here the first of its kind musical boarding school for talented children, which model was later replicated by Moscow’s and St Petersburg’s conservatories.

Over the two centuries, Odessa attracted the greatest names in music and arts: Ferenc Liszt gave six concerts here; Caruso, Chaliapin and Sobinov sang in the Opera Theater; Tchaikovsky and Rimsky-Korsakov stood there behind the conductor’s desk; Sara Bernard and Eleonora Duzes performed in the Russian Theater.

In the company of Odessa Music and Arts Tour guide you will immerse in the city’s rich cultural heritage, enjoy pre-performance introductions, the best seats in the house and the pleasure of experiencing it all with like-minded travellers. Besides, you’ll be able to stay in an Odessa’s historic mansion with a remarkable music history. Being home to a famous pianist Sophie Rubinstein, the sister of Anton and Nikolai Rubinstein, its walls often heard the voices of legendary arts and music names: opera singer Antonina Nezhdanova, artist Leonid Pasternak (father of the famous Russian poet Boris Pasternak) and Rubinstein brothers among others.

While we created a proposed itinerary for this tour, we strive for providing you with as many opportunities as possible to make your own choices and have a really special experience! The tour itinerary has a healthy balance of planned and optional activities, as well as time on your own, and can be further customized at your request. You can also select an accommodation of your choice at Frederic Koklen boutique hotel.

Join us for Odessa Music and Arts Tour!

Photos of the Tour

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