Odessa Shore Excursions

Looking for unique experience and personal attention at a port of call? Prefer an independent travel and more intimate explorations with just friends and family? Want to plan a day on your own, and see the sights you want to see and at your pace? And save a few bucks on top of the above? Then you hit the right web page.

Our Odessa Walks team has been working really hard to ensure that your time in Odessa is the most enjoyable and memorable experience. We designed our shore excursions to let you explore Odessa at its best: beautiful landmarks and off the beaten track pathways, delicious local foods and fine arts, rich history and modern lifestyle – you get a taste of Odessa even if you have less than a day to spend in our beautiful city.

Whether you travel with family and friends or would like to join a small group – and we keep the tour groups at 12 people max – our Odessa Walks guides take you on a shore excursion as if they are providing it to visiting friends. Aah, and all of our guides are knowledgeable, fun and fluent English speakers.

Concerned about getting lost and missing a deadline? Odessa’s ship terminal is located right in the tourist area and the farthest we walk away from the terminal is an easy 30 min stroll back to the ship.

So, all you have to worry about is choosing a shore excursion from the list below that you like most or letting us create a custom tour for you, and we’ll meet you at the cruise dock in Odessa. And if you look for private shore excursions in Romanian Constanta (or a private Bucharest tour from Constanta), Bulgarian ports of Varna, Nessebar or Burgas, check out our offerings there and get a discount for booking tours with us in any of the three Black Sea ports.

And for real foodies we have a truly exciting offer: book our exclusive Food Tasting and Culture tours in Odessa, Constanta and Nessebar and taste your way through the Black Sea coast! You’ll discover local cultures, experience lifestyle and savor absolutely delicious authentic foods. Taste your way and compare the flavors of the Black Sea ports with us! And what’s more to it – get a discount for booking the Food Tours in three ports :).

We look forward to meeting you in Odessa, Constanta, Bucharest, as well as Bulgarian ports of Varna, Nessebar and Burgas!


Secrets and Splendors of Odessa's Main Landmarks... (3-hour tour)

Secrets and Splendors of Odessa’s Main Landmarks… (3-hour tour)

This shore excursion is ideal if you have just a few hours to tour the city and get a feel for its rich cultural and historic heritage. We’ll walk though Odessa’s historic quarters, where main city landmarks are – magnificent Opera House and beautiful Primorsky boulevard, city’s iconic sight – Potemkin Steps, Vorontsov and Tolstoy palaces, Deribasovskaya street and City Garden and many more. We’ll take you through old neighborhoods of Odessa’s historic city center. Their concealed streets, courtyards and over 200-year-old gardens are keyholes into Odessa’s past, harboring everything from traces of the city legends to a forgotten well, the only source of so precious back then drinking water in that area. It’s old, vintage Odessa, full of character and off the beaten track passageways that take you into the time of Odessa’s golden age.

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Odessa Jewish Heritage Tour (4 1/5-hour tour)

Odessa Jewish Heritage Tour (3 1/5-hour tour)

Discover the history of Jewish life in Odessa: over 2 centuries of amazing sights, stories and secrets of one of the most prominent Jewish communities in Eastern Europe!

The two contrasting phrases – “To live like God in Odessa” and “The fires of hell burn for 7 miles around Odessa”, originated among the Ashkenazi Jews, are about Odessa, the city, which at the dawn of the twentieth century became one of the largest Jewish places in the world. Indeed, the Jewish history of Odessa is absorbing and packed full of fascinating and at times controversial facts: the nineteenth’s century Odessa welcomed Jews and yet the first pogrom in Russian Empire happened in this city; while paradise in the eyes of some, the city was a hotbed of depravity in the eyes of others. Odessa enthusiastically embraced Haskalah movement, and yet later became home to Zionism and Hasidism.

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Odessa Catacombs Tour (3-hour tour)

Odessa Catacombs Tour (3-hour tour)

Discover Odessa’s hidden world as you walk through the eery and chilling network of underground tunnels beneath the city. The longest in Europe, Odessa’s Catacombs are nothing like the famous Catacombs of Paris and Rome. You won’t see remains of people, stacks of bones or hidden pathways to basilicas. The history that’s hidden in this 1500 miles, gigantic multi-layer labyrinth is different, but very intriguing.

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Odessa 's Key Landmarks and an Exclusive Tour of the State Opera and Ballet Theater (4 1/5-hour tour)

Odessa ‘s Key Landmarks and an Exclusive Tour of the State Opera and Ballet Theater (4 1/5-hour tour)

Discover Odessa’s main attractions of the historic old quarters and get an exclusive tour of Odessa’s marvel – the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater during this 4 1/5- hour shore excursion.

Escorted by your personal guide, you start this shore excursion with a walk up the famous Potemkin Steps, following in the footsteps of Samuel Clemens (a.k.a. Mark Twain) and solving the puzzles of this sight, which made the city world famous. You stroll along beautiful Primorsky boulevard, enjoy the views of Odessa’s harbor from the plateaux of the Vorontsov palace, sneak a peek at the old courtyards hidden behind the beautiful architectural façades, visit the city’s main Orthodox Cathedral (which was once ranked the third most important Cathedral in Russian Empire), Odessa’s Palais Royal and City Garden, Mayor’s Office and one of the main symbols of Odessa – Duke de Rischelieu statue.

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Undiscovered Odessa (5-hour tour)

Undiscovered Odessa (5-hour tour)

The “Undiscovered Odessa” excursion is an excellent way to get a little adventure before getting back to your cruise ship. After seeing the main landmarks you’ll venture out to Odessa’s oldest market, which will tell you plenty of funny and interesting stories about present and past lifestyles of Odesseans. And your trip back will lie through the area, which lies right across the road from Deribasovskaya street, but is often missed by our guests and is not mentioned in the guidebooks. It was once populated by the city’s first craftsmen, later by bohemian types: renowned painters, doctors and men of science, including Mikhail Vrubel and Ivan Pavlov. This is the area where the oldest city market and the second in the world bacteriological lab are. And if you want to hear a few stories about criminal Odessa (yes, Odessa used to be really infamous for its criminal world and could be easily called “Russian Chicago” of 1930s), you should definitely take this tour!

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Jewish Odessa and City’s Landmarks (5-hour tour)

Jewish Odessa and City’s Landmarks (5-hour tour)

Interested in Odessa’s Jewish history but don’t want to miss the city’s landmarks? Keen on immersing into the history of Odessa and seeing how it’s connected with the Jewish story of the place? Then this tour is for you!

It’s absurd to talk of Odessa without speaking of Jews. Not that Odessa’s Jews, as in many Eastern European shtetls, made up the majority of the population. But their imprint on the local culture, their longtime economic prominence, their cultural visibility and, indeed, their volubility made Odessa into a place inseparable from Jewishness.

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Tour of Odessa's Historic City Center, Shevchenko Park and French Boulevard (5-hour tour)

Tour of Odessa’s Historic City Center, Shevchenko Park and French Boulevard (5-hour tour)

Explore Odessa’s historic old quarters and picturesque neighborhoods – Shevchenko Park and French Boulevard, and discover the different facets of Odessa and its neighborhoods during this entertaining tour by car and on foot.

Begin this tour with a walk through the old city center, strolling by the prominent landmarks – Potemkin Steps and Primorsky boulevard, Vorontsov and Tolstoy palaces, Odessa’s iconic sight – Opera House, Deribasovskaya street and City Garden. You’ll see the most significant city monuments – statues to the Duke de Rischelieu and Odessa’s Founders. You’ll hear the entertaining stories that lie behind these sights and splendid architectural facades. You’ll visit one of the city’s main Russian Orthodox Cathedrals – the majestic Transfiguration Cathedral, once ranked the third most important cathedral in Russian Empire, and marvel the beauty of Passage, once the main city mall.

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Odessa's Walking Tour for History, Culture and Food Lovers (6-hour tour)

Odessa’s Walking Tour for History, Culture and Food Lovers (6-hour tour)

This private walking tour is ideal for those travellers, who prefer to explore the city at a slow pace, having the ultimate food and cultural experience off the beaten path.

You’ll explore the city’s rich cultural and historic heritage through the main landmarks, hidden sights and the area’s unique cuisine. Your personal tour guide will show you the city’s main landmarks and tell you exciting stories, which are hidden behind the facades of historic monuments. You’ll walk through the old neighborhood of the downtown. Its concealed streets and courtyards will tell you a lot about local culture and people lifestyles. You will discover vintage Odessa, full of character and off the beaten track passageways that take you into the time of Odessa’s golden age. the walk in a company of your guide you’ll make several stops at authentic local restaurants to try Jewish, Russian and Ukrainian. You will enjoy a variety of food specialties that have secured Odessa’s reputation as being one of the greatest culinary and cultural centers of Ukraine and former USSR. Odessa’s unique cuisine – a mix of Greek, Bulgarian,

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Odessa Grand Tour: Fascinating Old Quarters, “Undiscovered” Odessa, Picturesque Neighborhoods and the City's Marvel- the State Opera and Ballet Theater (7- hour tour)

Odessa Grand Tour: Fascinating Old Quarters, “Undiscovered” Odessa, Picturesque Neighborhoods and the City’s Marvel- the State Opera and Ballet Theater (7- hour tour)

Don’t miss this excellent opportunity to see the most of Odessa in one day! Whether your ship docked in Odessa for a full day or you have a day to spend on a pre-cruise excursion, this 7-hour grand tour will give you an excellent overview of our beautiful city.

You’ll explore the best of Odessa by both car and on foot. Strolling through the old quarters, you’ll see the main historic landmarks and off-the-beaten path areas. You’ll enjoy the picturesque French Boulevard and Arcadia and sneak a peek at the contemporary city. You’ll visit Odessa’s main park – Shevchenko park, see the tomb of the Unknown Sailor, dedicated to the World War ll heroes, and enjoy gorgeous views on the port and harbor. A tour of the oldest city market will give you a feel for the local lifestyle and a tour through the area once populated by the city’s first craftsmen, later by world famous artists, doctors and men of science, will let you discover “The Other” Odessa.

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