Tour of Odessa’s Historic City Center, Shevchenko Park and French Boulevard (5-hour tour)


Explore Odessa’s historic old quarters and picturesque neighborhoods – Shevchenko Park and French Boulevard, and discover the different facets of Odessa and its neighborhoods during this entertaining tour by car and on foot.

Begin this tour with a walk through the old city center, strolling by the prominent landmarks – Potemkin Steps and Primorsky boulevard, Vorontsov and Tolstoy palaces, Odessa’s iconic sight – Opera House, Deribasovskaya street and City Garden. You’ll see the most significant city monuments – statues to the Duke de Rischelieu and Odessa’s Founders. You’ll hear the entertaining stories that lie behind these sights and splendid architectural facades. You’ll visit one of the city’s main Russian Orthodox Cathedrals – the majestic Transfiguration Cathedral, once ranked the third most important cathedral in Russian Empire, and marvel the beauty of Passage, once the main city mall.

Leaving the historic quarters, you’ll travel by car to Shevchenko park, see the tomb of the Unknown Sailor and hear the story of one of the darkest moments of the city’s history – World War ll and Odessa’s occupation by the Natzis and Romanian army. You’ll drive through the picturesque French boulevard covered with locust and chestnut trees and sneak a peek at the contemporary Odessa.

Photos of the Tour

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