Secrets and Splendors of Odessa’s Main Landmarks… (3-hour tour)


This shore excursion is ideal if you have just a few hours to tour the city and get a feel for its rich cultural and historic heritage. We’ll walk though Odessa’s historic quarters, where main city landmarks are – magnificent Opera House and beautiful Primorsky boulevard, city’s iconic sight – Potemkin Steps, Vorontsov and Tolstoy palaces, Deribasovskaya street and City Garden and many more. We’ll take you through old neighborhoods of Odessa’s historic city center. Their concealed streets, courtyards and over 200-year-old gardens are keyholes into Odessa’s past, harboring everything from traces of the city legends to a forgotten well, the only source of so precious back then drinking water in that area. It’s old, vintage Odessa, full of character and off the beaten track passageways that take you into the time of Odessa’s golden age.

You may rightfully say that you can see it all by yourself… We’ll dare argue with that – each sight in Odessa, even the most known one, has a little bit of secret history, which we’ll crack during this walk. And we’ll share with you exciting stories hidden behind a splendid architectural façade of Odessa sights. And to hear the stories is to experience the city.

This is the “must do” walk, miss it and you’ve missed Odessa!

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“…Our three-hour (approx.) tour was a very pleasant morning stroll through the parks, monuments and cafes in Odessa…”
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