Odessa Catacombs Tour (3-hour tour)

A walk through the real tunnels, aka “wild catacombs”. Recreated life of the resistance in the tunnels & the Museum of the Partisan Glory. Exciting stories of the underground tunnels and people who used them.

Discover Odessa’s hidden world as you walk through the eery and chilling network of underground tunnels beneath the city. The longest in Europe, Odessa’s Catacombs are nothing like the famous Catacombs of Paris and Rome. You won’t see remains of people, stacks of bones or hidden pathways to basilicas. The history that’s hidden in this 1500 miles, gigantic multi-layer labyrinth is different, but very intriguing.

How did these tunnels appear? Why did they become home to smugglers throughout the 19th century and World War ll partisans in the 20th century? What’s in there now? We uncover the fascinating history of Odessa’s Catacombs during a 500 meters walk (0.3 miles) through the underground tunnels. We walk through real mines, aka “wild catacombs” and get a feel how it is to be there, we see the authentic drawings made by all sorts of people who used these tunnels: miners, anarchists, Bolsheviks. The tour proceeds with a walk through the tourist-friendly section of the Catacombs officially open for public visits. The tunnels there are lit and wide enough. There we see how the WW2 resistance lived in the mines during the city’s occupation.

Odessa’s Catacombs bear witness to the history of the city since its foundation and we explore one of the darkest and most controversial of its periods as we get to the underground World War ll Museum of Partisan Glory, the only museum of such kind in Ukraine. Opened after WW ll, it recreates real life of partisans who lived in these tunnels during the 907 days of Odessa’s occupation.

And lastly, as we get out of the tunnels, we visit the “on the ground” museum dedicated to World War ll and Odessa’s occupation (among its famous visitors is Fidel Castro), the Memorial Complex and see the route that we covered under the ground on the surface.

Customer Reviews

“The best part of the tour were the catacombs. What a treasure you have there. I hope you are able to preserve it! We were really surprised to see all of it. And the tour was cold and different from other catacombs we have seen”. Carmen F. USA. Visited Odessa July 2012 with Pacific Princess.

“…a tour to the Catacombs just outside of Odessa which was fascinating…”
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