Things To Do in Odessa in December

O’key, to be completely fair, December is not the most magical month in Odessa. Yet, the city has some winter charm and there are festive things to do as Odesseans celebrate Christmas and New Year.

New Year in Odessa

The most commonly asked question on the winter topic is whether it snows in Odessa ☺. Guess what, it does! Although, not so much in December. With a lot of luck it can snow right on New Year’s eve and on the first day of the new year. As it happened last couple of years making winter holidays really special for Odesseans and the guests (of course, those who came prepared ☺).

If it really snows, you don’t need to go further than Primorsky boulevard and the Potemkin Steps for the downhill skiing☺

Potemkin Steps in snow

A nice alternative to the snowy winter weather is bright sun and a well above zero Celsius December temperature. Isn’t it nice to stroll along the beach taking in some sun, have a cup of coffee in one of the cafes with the seaview and then head towards the beautiful historical quarter to soak up the holiday ambiance?

Odessa’s historic quarter sparkles with holiday lights in December, the biggest Christmas trees are on Deribasovskaya street and in front of the City hall. Primorsky boulevard, the city’s marine façade and one of the favorite places of the day and evening promenade among the locals is beautifully decorated with holiday lights. The Chanukah Menorah occupies its traditional spot on top of the famous Potemkin staircase, right by the statue of one of Odessa’s most remarkable governors, a French aristocrat Duc de Richelieu.

Chanukah in Odessa

Opportunities to get into the festive spirit during your December visit are plentiful. True to its cosmopolitan character, Odessa celebrates New Year, Catholic Christmas and Russian Orthodox holidays, which occur during this holiday period. Shop for handmade gifts and festive food at a Christmas fair on Deribasovskaya street and Dumskaya square; enjoy the Nutcracker ballet at the magnificent Opera House and Christmas concerts at the Philharmonic Hall; visit a German-style Christmas market at the Lutheran church and savor absolutely delicious local food accompanied by live music at a themed dinner or brunch at one of the gourmet restaurants.

Sophie cafe Odessa

Holiday Events in Odessa

  • Turning on holidays lights on the city New Year trees. December 19 at 4.30pm
  • Presentation of a 3D gingerbread house “The City Where Dreams Come True” on the Russian Orthodox St Nickolas holiday. December 19
  • Christmas market at the Lutheran church. December 22-25. The festive opening of the market is on December 22 at 6.30pm
  • Presentation of a 3D gingerbread cake, which symbolizes a clock and Odessa’s history. December 24, Catholic Christmas eve
  • Christmas Concert (Chaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, Chopin, List) by Andrei Botvinov in Odessa’s Philharmonic Hall. December 24
  • Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater. The Nutcracker. December 29 and 31
  • New Year concert on Dumskaya square. Holiday fireworks. December 31
  • Orthodox Christmas festival on Dumskaya square. January 7
  • Christmas concert (Johann Strauss) by Odessa’s National Philharmonic Orchestra. Odessa’s Philharmonia. January 13, 15, 17

opera house Odessa NY

The list of the Holiday Events will be updated as more events are announced. Stay tuned:)

For any inquiries or to arrange a sightseeing program for your holiday visit, please email at info

Happy Holidays and Safe Travels!


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