Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit the Shabo Winery During Your Odessa Stay

  • One of the most modern and largest production facilities in Europe
  • The only in Ukraine center of wine culture
  • A superbly put tour of both historical part of the winery and modern operations: you’ll visit 200-year old wine cellars built by the French-Swiss colonists and modern production facilities: grape processing, fine wine, grape vodka and brandy production departments and much more
  • A fascinating journey into the wine-making history of the region: from the ancient Greeks to the Ottomans to the Swiss colonists and Romanians – Shabo has quite a story to tell!
  • Last and most important – you’ll try a selection of the Shabo sparkling, fine red and wine wines :).
  • Shabo

    On top of this, a trip to Shabo is a nice way to explore Odessa’s countryside: glimpse at local villages and sandy Black Sea beaches, see scenic Bessarabia fields and the point where the Dniester estuary gets into the Black Sea.

    Wine lovers and those interested in exploring Odessa’s region should definitely go:)

    To arrange a private tour to Shabo or receive a tour itinerary, email at

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