Odessa Catacombs tour is all about the city’s history hidden under the ground and brought to life. With our tour we explore the two levels of underground tunnels. And these are not “the catacombs” most people have come to know.

The Longest System of Tunnels

The Odessa’s catacombs are the mysterious hidden world beneath Odessa. This labyrinth of tunnels covers the distance of over 1500 miles/2,500 kilometers. On our Catacombs Tour, we walk about 1,5 kilometers/0.6 miles, uncover the two levels of the underground world and hear the exciting story of Odessa.

200-year old mines and quarries. Criminal headquarters. WW2 partisans’ base.

We start with a walk through the authentic mines and quarries, called the “wild catacombs”. Next up is hidden under the ground world of criminals and smugglers. Finally, we see how Odessa’s partisans lived in these passages during the Second World War. The tour finishes in the above the ground museum of Odessa during WW2.

Unique sight. So much more than the catacombs of Paris or Rome.

Above all, soak in the atmosphere of this unique Odessa’s sight. Its more than 150-year old wells and ventilations holes, coal paintings made by the miners and revolutionaries, daily life and fights of the WW2 partisans. Once we get to the recreated headquarters of smugglers and a school of pickpocketers you hear fun stories and legends about Odessa’s criminals. Indeed, Odessa once had a reputation for being a major criminal city in the Russian Empire!

Safe. Comfortable walk. Kids friendly.

Part of the tour is carried out through the tunnels, which are not lit but comfortable enough to walk. We use flashlight. Most of the tour is carried out through the tunnels, which are lit, broad and high enough for a comfortable walk. The tour is kids friendly. The tour route can be customized to your needs and walking abilities.

Join us on this fascinating journey into the Odessa’s catacombs as we explore the underground city bringing its history to life.

“The best part of the tour were the catacombs. What a treasure you have there. I hope you are able to preserve it! We were really surprised to see all of it. And the tour was cold and different from other catacombs we have seen”. Carmen F. USA. Visited Odessa July 2012 with Pacific Princess.



3 hrs, including the drive


We provide private transport to get to the tunnels. We walk inside the tunnels.


*Odessa’s underground mines and quarries, aka “wild catacombs” *Authentic coal paintings made by the miners & revolutionaries *Criminal headquarters & pickpocketers school *Recreated WW2 partisans’ base camp * On the ground museum about Odessa during WW2 and the catacombs


Please note, the temperature inside the tunnels is about +16C (60F). Dress accordingly. Closed shoes are highly recommended.