New Berlin Synagogue Virtual Tour

New Berlin Synagogue virtual tour

The New Berlin Synagogue virtual tour takes you inside the most famous synagogue of the German capital. Built in 1860s, it became the largest synagogue in Germany. A symbol of the new status of the Berlin Jews, its golden domes could be seen from any point in the city center. Still today, one can see them from any point of the city center.

Who designed the magnificent building? What were the two requirements put forward by the Jewish community to the architect? How did the Berlin synagogue survive the Second World War? When was it reconstructed? The New Berlin Synagogue virtual tour will answer these questions.

Discover the fascinating history of the New Berlin synagogue on a virtual walk through its reconstructed magnificent halls. Uncover the traces of the building’s former grandeur. Turned into a museum, the New Berlin Synagogue tells an interesting, yet heart-breaking story of Berlin Jews. You’ll watch a unique interview with a daughter of Berlin’s famous Jewish photographer of 1930s. The virtual tour includes unique exhibits featuring items that once belonged to the Jewish families. You’ll explore the golden times of Berlin Jews. Uncover the devastating Natzi period and WW2. Looking at the old photographs, learn the stories of Berlin Jews.

This New Berlin Synagogue tour you takes you up the stairs to the Representative’s Hall.  It was the last place where the services had been held before the Natzis closed down the synagogue. Learn what happened to the synagogue during the GDR. Is it still an active synagogue? Who it belongs to? Join this New Berlin Synagogue virtual tour to learn about modern day status of this place of worship.


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