Odessa Online Real-time Zoom Tours

Now it’s official: we’ve launched Odessa online tours! Despite all travel restrictions, we are very excited to connect with international travelers. Of course, online tours will never completely substitute in-person experiences. But given the circumstances, they are a fun way to connect with a local guide and get a feel for a destination. We’ve put tons of effort to make our virtual experiences engaging and interactive.

Online Cooking Class: Two Traditional Odessa Dishes

So, what do we have in place for you? Three virtual real-time tours. A walking tour of the old town with a quiz, Jewish Odessa tour and an online cooking class. Our online cooking class leverages 9-year experience of the Odessa Original Food Tasting tour. Together, we’ll cook two local dishes: Odessa’s eggplant caviar and a Ukrainian borsch with an Odessa twist. How about that?! We promise it will a fun and delicious experience.

Zoom-around Walk of the Historic Quarter

A walking tour of the old town will let you glimpse at the historic quarter. We see main sights and get introduced to the city’s history. To make it more engaging we’ve created a fun 3-question quiz. We’ll solve the puzzles of the legendary Potemkin Steps and the stunning National Opera and Ballet Theater. A glimpse behind the facades of the landmarks will give you a feel for local life.

Virtual Jewish Odessa Tour

The Jewish Odessa online tour will take you to the Golden Age of Odessa’s Jewry. We’ll share with you the history of the local Jewry from the city’s founding till the end of the 19th cent. You’ll find out how Odessa in 100 yrs became the third largest Jewish city in the world. The city was the center of the Jewish enlightenment in the Russian Empire. Yet, it welcomed the Zionist movement and housed the first Zionist center in the empire. We show the main sights related to this period.

Each online tour includes two 15-minute Q&A sessions. We’d love to hear your questions and interact! Each experience can be held as a group tour or can be booked privately for your party only.

Let’s stay connected. Be curious. Continue exploring.

Here’s a sneak peek into our online tours