Odessa Home Visit with a tour of the Historic Quarter

Odessa Home Visit with an exciting walking tour of the historic quarter. Feel like a local, try traditional food and get under the skin of the city.

We’ll certainly see Odessa’s main attractions, including the Potemkin steps and the National Opera Theater. Escorted by your private guide, you’ll stroll down Primorsky boulevard and Deribasovskaya street. We’ll see the Vorontsov and Tolstoy palaces, Duc de Richelieu statue and the Empress Catherine Monument. We’ll uncover secrets of Odessa’s main attractions. You’ll go beyond the facades of the historic landmarks. We’ll walk through Odessa’s old quarters. And the past will suddenly rise to the surface, skillfully told by a great guide.

This walking tour is ideal if you want to get a feel for Odessa in one day in a relaxed pace. Odessa has a little bit of secret history, which we’ll crack during this walk. We’ll take you through the old neighborhood of the city center. Its concealed streets and courtyards are keyholes into Odessa’s past. They harbor everything. From traces of the city legends to a forgotten well, the only source of so precious back then drinking water in that area. It’s old, vintage Odessa, full of character and off the beaten track passageways. They take you into the time of Odessa’s golden age.

Following the walk through Odessa’s historic quarter, go “behind the scenes” on a visit to an Odessa home. You’ll have an exciting opportunity to see how locals live, interact with an Odessean and try traditional homemade food.


5 hrs


Walking tour


*Philharmonic Hall

*Pushkinskaya street

*Primorsky blvd

*Monument to an Orange

*Sheikh’s palace

*Odessa’s coutyards

*Palais Royal

*Monument to the Battleship Potemkin sailors

These are just some of the sights included into the tour. Email us for the complete tour itinerary and price.