Postcard from… Odessa. Featuring Odessa Food Tasting Tour

Our Odessa Food Tasting tour and amazing city were featured by Financial Times. Very exciting!:))

The FT journalists visited Odessa last autumn and wrote an article about the city’s heritage. He joined Odessa Walks  Food tasting tour. Our guide was really excited to share historical facts and stories about Odessa’s lifestyle. We tried local appetizers and desserts and discussed the origin of Odessa’s cuisine. We visited three local restaurants, each with a different flavor.

Exploring Odessa’s heritage through food

Odessa has a fascinating cultural heritage and this article brilliantly reveals it. And Odessa Walks Food Tour lets the guests discover the city’s heritage through its unique fusion of the food. The first food tasting stop is Odessa’s appetizers. We try Jewish, Bulgarian, Ukrainian food among other things and discuss how different ethnic groups came to Odessa. The tour proceeds with tasting traditional Ukrainian dumplings. And finally, absolutely delicious local desserts. In one of the cafes, we see a chef cook a local dish for you and learn the recipes of Odessa’s traditional dishes.

Odessa has secured reputation as being one of the greatest culinary and cultural centers of Ukraine and the former USSR. You’ll taste your way through the city and see it to yourself.