Things to Do in Odessa. Free Live Q&A Session for Individual Travelers and Tour Operators

Things to Do in Odessa

Things to do in Odessa: Culture. History. Countryside. Food. Odessa has it all.

Our team is excited to launch this live Q&A session on Zoom to help you get the most from the Odessa visit. Let’s discuss

  • How to make the best of your trip
  • What’s worth seeing in the city
  • A trip to Odessa countryside
  • What and where to taste the best food and eat like a local
  • How to get around the city

We know so many of you have had to cancel trips to Odessa due to Covid-19. But fingers crossed, travels will resume soon. So let’s not waist time and get prepared. Odessa local, our guides will be live on Zoom in real time answering your questions and providing insider tips. Absolutely for free. There’re lots of things to do in Odessa. Let’s get connected, stay curious and prepare for a visit!






How to join

Email us at with your name, date and time when you’d like to join. We’ll email you back with the confirmation and detailed instructions on how to join this virtual tour on Zoom.

Starting time

3.00pm GMT time ( 3.00pm London time/4.00pm Central European time/8.00am US West coast time/11.00am US East coast time)

8.30pm US West coast time/11.30pm US East coast time

Group size

20 people max