Odessa Archeology Museum Tour

Odessa Archeology Museum tour: Scythian and Gunnic golden items. Ancient Greek artifacts found along the Black Sea coast. Unique Kievan Rus coins.

This tour takes you to the oldest museum in Ukraine, located in the old mansion. The Odessa Archeology museum brings to life the stories of how people lived in this region since ancient times and boasts a fascinating collection of 170,000 artifacts .

Odessa’s Society of the Antiques’ Lovers appeared when the city was 31 years old. How exciting is that! The stories of ancient Greeks, who lived along the Black Sea coast and Scythian gold were plentiful. Archeological digs were carried out by local researchers and history afficionados. Odessa’s intellectuals gathered amazing collections of antiques, which laid the foundation of Odessa’s Archeology museum. At first, the society rented rooms to exhibit its collections. Finally, the city mayor gave his private funds to erect a proper building for the museum. A beautiful mansion appeared right in the heart of the old town.

Expect to discover plenty of interesting artifacts on this private Odessa Archeology museum tour.  First off, you’ll see antiques’ collections, which once belonged to Odesseans and were donated by them to the museum.  You’ll discover interesting artifacts, which belonged to the tribes once populated the Black Sea coast.  And finally, you’ll see a truly unique collection of Gunnic and Scythian golden ornaments, Kievan Rus coins, including one out of ten ever founded golden coins of Prince Vladimir, which dates back to the 10th century. Moreover, you’ll get a chance to envision what immense cultural heritage the city possessed in the 19th century when it was just 100 years old.  The tour is not to miss for ancient history lovers.


2 hrs


Walking tour

Email us for the complete tour itinerary and price.  The museum is closed on Monday