Day Trips from Odessa — Scenic landscape. Countryside life. Local wine and medieval fortress.

Day trips from Odessa make up for an exciting tour. Traveling through the picturesque suburbs to Bessarabia will give a different dimension to your Odessa experience. You’ll take in the views of the Black Sea coast and the beautiful Dniester estuary. An amazing history of the region will enable you to better understand its cultural diversity. From ancient Greeks to Italians to Turks the area has quite a story to tell!

We’ve created two tours to let you explore Odessa’s countryside. The first one is the Akkerman Fortress and Shabo Winery tour. This is an exciting, although a full day trip, which includes a visit to the medieval fortress, a stop at the local resort and a winery tour with tasting. The second tour skips a visit to the fortress, which makes it a bit shorter. Either tour is well worth taking: it’s fun, interesting and something very different from just seeing the city. Join us!