Travel to Odessa

Plan to travel to Odessa? Here’s a list of frequently asked questions that may help you plan your trip.

How far is the Odessa Central airport from the city center?

Depending on traffic, 15-30 minute drive.

How do I get from the airport to the city?

By public transport: there’s a trolleybus and a “marshrytka” bus.

By taxi: there’re airport taxis, city taxis and Uber, which operates in Odessa.

Travel to Odessa: Odessa Sights

Odessa National Opera and Ballet Theater

What is the dress code to the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater?

Smart casual.

How do I get tickets to the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater?

There’s a ticket office in the theater. You can also purchase tickets at the ticket stalls in the city center.

What is the price of a ticket to the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater?

Ticket price varies from $1 to $12 for the performances done by the theater company. Tickets for the guest performers are usually more expensive.

Can I just walk in to see the Opera theater?

Unfortunately, no.  In order to see inside the theater you need to book a tour or buy a ticket for the performance.

How do I find the Opera schedule?

Check out the Opera and Ballet theater website. They usually publish the schedule for a month about 3 weeks in advance.


For Travelers Arriving with Cruise Ships

How far is the cruise pier/terminal from the historic city center?

The cruise terminal is right at the historic city center.  In fact, the first landmark you’ll see from the cruise dock is the famous Potemkin Steps. To get into Odessa’s historic quarter, you’ll need to walk up the Steps or use the funicular.

Booking Odessa Walks Tours

Can I just show up on a group walk?

No. We request to book a place on a walk at least a couple of hours in advance by email.  We email back confirmation with meeting instructions.

Do you accept payment by credit card?

Unfortunately, we accept cash only. Tour payment can be made in US dollars, Euro or local currency.

How do I find the tour guide at the group walks’ meeting point?

The guide stands at the meeting point with the Odessa Walks sign.

How do I find out what’s included into a private tour or a shore excursion?

Email us with the name of the tour you are interested in and we’ll email you back with the tour itinerary, which says what sights are included into the tour.

Do you require prepayment for any of your tours or shore excursions?

No, we don’t ask for tour prepayment. Payment for any of the tours or shore excursions should be made to the guide on the day of the tour.

For more information about our Odessa Shore Excursions please visit this page.

More details about our Odessa Group Walks are here 

Travel to Odessa: Odessa Sightseeing

How far are the catacombs from the city?

There’s a section of the underground tunnels (aka catacombs) open in the city, in Moldavanka neighborhood, which is a 10 minute drive from the historic city center. The largest section of the tunnels open for public visits is open in the village of Nerybaiskoe, 15 km away from the city center.

How should I dress for a catacombs visit?

The temperature inside the tunnels is about +16C/60F and very damp. We recommend wearing a sweatshirt, closed shoes and for men something to cover the head with.

Can I see the catacombs on my own?

You are allowed to go inside only with a guide. It can be either a private or a group tour.