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We can’t say anything negative about our Odessa Walks guides. Surprise, ah? Yet, that’s an absolute truth. First of all, all our guides have been part of Odessa Walks team since the company’s founding in 2011. How did Odessa Walks come to live? Read here.

Each of Odessa Walks guides certainly contributed to making our tours so special. They are as charming and energetic as the cities they call home. They are very knowledgeable and passionate about sharing this knowledge with tour guests. Born and raised in Odessa, Constanta and Varna they bring a unique perspective that makes our tours personalized, fun and memorable. Connect with us on Youtube to preview our tours, see how we tell stories and hear our customers speak.



Odessa Walks guide since 2015

Born and raised in a southern town of Odessa region, I moved to the city to study at the Odessa State University in 2008. Of course, while growing up I came here a lot. But when I moved to Odessa I fell in absolute love with this city. I’ve become fascinated with its architecture, ambiance, cultural heritage and nightlife. And I really enjoy sharing my passion for all of this with our tour guests. Lets explore Odessa together! Aah, and I guide both in English and German.

Favorite spot in Odessa: the «Corner of Old Odessa»


Owner and Odessa Walks guide since 2011

My journey to building Odessa Walks started in 1998. I left my home country and went to California to attend a business school. What made me move across the ocean back then? Interest to see the world and desire to explore my career options. After obtaining an MBA degree and having worked abroad, I finally returned to Odessa, my anchor city. Why? I wanted to build something of my own, based on what I love most: meeting people, this amazing city and its rich heritage. As a result, Odessa Walks Ltd. came to live in 2011.

Favorite spot in Odessa: Dumskaya square


Odessa Walks guide since 2012

I am five generations local to Odessa. So, when I guide I most definitely share a part of myself and my family story. I simply can’t help it. And its very rewarding to see the guests fall in love with your hometown. You create a special experience and long lasting memories of the place you love most. Thats why i started guiding. I am not a historian or author. I am just a girl who loves her city and knows its history.

Favorite spot in Odessa: the Black sea port and coastline


Odessa Walks guide since 2012

Hello adventurous travelers! I am born and bred in Moldavanka, Odessa’s most famous neighborhood. I grew up in one of those courtyards, colorfully described by Isaac Babel in The Odessa’s Stories. I remember very well our elderly neighbors speaking that Odessa’s dialect, which almost doesn’t exist now. What can I say? I love Odessa and meeting new people from different parts of the world. I’ve been guiding since 2012 and haven’t become tired of it. It seems to be an everlasting passion for this city and guiding. And I hope one day to be able to share this passion with you too.

Favorite spot in Odessa: City Garden