Our Private Jewish Berlin Tours — Amazing discoveries. Interesting facts. Local history put in the global perspective.

The tours are conducted by Olga, who specializes in Jewish history. Her tours are full of interesting facts related to Berlin Jewish history and connections between German, Polish and Ukraine’s Jewish heritage.

Connect local history with global perspective. A lot of German Jews migrated to the Polish kingdom in the Middle Ages. Many returned to Germany in the modern period. Out of those who stayed in Poland, around a million ended up in the Russian Empire. Thousands of German and Polish Jews settled in Odessa. When hundreds of Odessa Jews moved to New York, they said that «New York is like Odessa only without the Tsar and the Cossacks». Join Olga’s Jewish tours to uncover fascinating historic connections.

Explore the city at your pace. We provide a “template” for our private Jewish Berlin tours. But the flow can be customized to cater to your interests. Furthermore, we adjust the contents and the route on the go if certain topics catch more interest during the tour. Join our free online Jewish Berlin tours on Youtube at @OdessaWalks to preview the sights.

Keep things flexible. You can reserve a private tour as far in advance as you’d like.  We pencil in the date and time and that’s the most important thing. We want to make it really easy. No pre-payment is required for the advanced booking.


Join Olga’s pre-recorded Zoom based video tours with a live narrative and an interactive live chat for in-depth explorations of Berlin’s museums. Explore the largest in Europe Berlin’s Jewish Museum. Go on an interior tour of the New Berlin Synagogue. Learn about Holocaust on the Anna Frank Center and Otto Weidt Workshop tour.