Odessa Fine Arts Museum Tour

Odessa Fine Arts Museum is a truly exciting place to visit. Uncover Early Kandinsky. Explore Odessa’s painting school. Marvel at Ukrainian icon paintings. The Fine Arts museum  offers a lot of truly interesting works of art.

Odessa’s Fine Arts Museum tour starts with exploration of the historic mansion. You’ll see one of the most beautiful Odessa’s palaces built in 1820s. Designed in a Russian classical style it belonged to rich Polish aristocrats. It was later purchased by a city mayor and presented to Odessa to house the Fine Arts gallery.

At the end of the 19th century on the initiative of the Russian Tsar family, Odessa was chosen to host the Fine Arts gallery. The first paintings were sent from Moscow and St Petersburg. More works were donated by the local families. Odessa’s painting school contributed as well.

Today, the Fine Arts museum presents a fascinating art collection and enables its guests to immerse into the city’s vast cultural heritage. From icon paintings to the marine art to Odessa’s painting school there is lots to see. Works of Aivazovsky, Vrybel, Pasternak are at the cornerstone of the museum’s collection.

On this private Odessa Fine Arts museum tour, the guide will share with you an exciting story of the mansion and the museum’s foundation. You’ll explore Odessa’s painting school, which stood out in the Russian Empire at the end of the 19th century. We will share with you little known facts about Vassily Kandinsky. What connected Kandinsky to Odessa? Where was his first exhibition? We’ll tell you who was the inspiration to the avant-garde in Russia.  Finally, expect to see a very interesting Soviet period of Odessa’s painters.


2 hrs


Walking tour



*Naryshkin palace (location of the museum)

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