Berlin Jewish Museum Virtual Tour

Berlin Jewish Museum

Berlin Jewish Museum is a truly fascinating place to visit. Uncover history of early Jewish settlers in Germany. Explore the Golden Age of Berlin and German Jews. Learn about Jewish deportations and Holocaust. The Berlin Jewish museum  offers a lot of truly interesting exhibits and artifacts to explore.

Located in the city center, the museum occupies three buildings, each with its own history. The entrance hall and the staff offices are located in the listed eighteen century mansion. Designed by Daniel Libeskind, its modern building houses a core exhibition and presents a very unusual architecture. It’s a sight of its own well worth exploring. The third building is occupied by the library, the children’s center and the conference hall and is named after Michael Warner Blumenthal. A former head of the US Treasury, he became the first museum’s director.

On this pre-recorded Zoom tour with a live narrative, Olga will share with you an interesting story of the museum’s foundation. You’ll go on a fascinating journey of past and present day Berlin and German Jewish community. Olga will share with you little known facts about Jewish intellectuals and merchant elite. The Berlin’s Jewish poor and rich. Who were the original owners of the popular Karstadt department stores? Where was Berlin’s Jewish quarter? Why did the Jews immigrate to Shnghai in 1930s? Was the community re-established in the GDR and East Berlin? Learn how the Berlin Jewish community was founded, reached its heyday and was wiped out by the Natzis.

Join this pre-recorded virtual Berlin Jewish museum tour with Olga’s live narrative and an interactive chat to explore history of Berlin and German Jews.


1.5 hrs


Virtual pre-recorded Zoom tour with a live narrative and an interactive chat



*Berlin Jewish Museum

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