Odessa Winery tour is highly recommended for all who come to explore our region. After all, the area is located on the so called «winery latitude». Wine making has long been a part of local culture. What is the best winery to visit? Drawn on our experience of avid travelers and wine lovers who’ve been to quite a few wineries worldwide and on our guests’ feedback, here’re top 5 reasons why we think you should visit the Odessa Shabo Winery.

Shabo Winery — One of the most modern and largest production facilities in Europe

Shabo is not your ordinary small privately owned winery. With a 10,000 sq meters wine storage, bottling capacity of 50 mln bottles per year and grape processing capacity of 12, 000 tons the Shabo winery is one of the biggest in Europe. You’ll tour the immense grape processing department and see how it’s run by 3 people. You’ll visit a 3-level wine storage, as well as sherry and brandy departments.

The only in Ukraine center of wine culture

It’s not about wine drinking. Although most of Odesseans and Bessarabians wouldn’t mind a glass of good wine. And yes, we are talking about the Odessa winery tour. From ancient Greeks to the Bulgarians to the Swiss growing grapes and making wine have been a big part of local culture. Shabo has preserved and restored this heritage. Moreover, it has been recognized as the only center of wine culture in Ukraine.

Superb tour, much more than one can expect

Presentation and an excellent story create a long lasting experience, right? Both are so true of Shabo and actually, are much more than one can expect from a winery visit.

The Shabo winery tour is combined of two parts: a visit to the fully operational production facilities and a journey through time — the historical part. Both are informative and go far beyond anticipations from an ordinary winery tour. On a visit to the production departments you are going to see much more than just a couple of rows of oak barrels or stainless steel cisterns. What awaits you is an immersion in the wine making process and a chance to appreciate the scope of business and investment.

The historical part is more of a journey through time: from the ancient Greeks to the Ottomans to the Swiss and finally, to the Soviets. The Shabo owners very skillfully recreated a walk through Shabo’s different periods using original artifacts and multi-media. Expect to immerse in each period and see history come to life.

Wine tasting with a feeling of exclusivity

No winery tour is complete without wine tasting. During our Shabo winery tour you’ll try a selection of best wine with a feeling of exclusivity: in a private tasting room and in a company of your guide. Get prepared to hear tons of exciting stories, ask questions and taste premium sparkling, red and white wine.

On top of all of the above, a trip to Shabo is a nice way to explore the part of Odessa’s countryside called Bessarabia. The area boasts scenic views and fascinating history.

Interested in additional information about the trip? More is at our Odessa Countryside and Shabo Winery tour page. Or contact us at odessawalks@gmail.com


5 hrs including the drive


On foot and by car


*Historical 200 year old cellars

*Grape processing department

*Fine wines department

*Brandy production

*Wine storage

*Cherry production department

These are just some of the sights included into the tour. Email us for the complete tour itinerary and price.