Odessa’s Main Sights Virtual Walking Tour With a Quiz

Odessa Virtual Tour


Odessa’s Main Sights virtual walking tour is an entertaining way to discover the city. We’ll stroll around historic quarter in real time and uncover the secrets of Odessa’s landmarks during an interactive quiz. From the comfort of your home, you’ll virtually walk up the 192 steps of the legendary Potemkin staircase and marvel at the Odessa’s National Opera and Ballet Theater.

We’ll drop in to Odessa’s courtyards to glimpse at the local lifestyle. During a stop in an authentic cafe we’ll share with you insights into local cuisine. You’ll discover what has secured Odessa’s reputation as being one of the greatest culinary and cultural centers of Ukraine and the former USSR.

You’ll engage with a professional tour guide who is an Odessa local. She’ll share with you insights into the city’s life and explain what makes Odessa so special. Whether you are planning a trip to Odessa or simply exploring a new destination this virtual walking tour is an exciting and informative way to experience our beautiful hometown.

What’s included in the tour:

  • Virtual tour of Odessa’s main sights: the Potemkin steps, the National Opera and Ballet theater, Catherine square and the Monument to Odessa’s founders, the City Hall, Odessa’s Palais Royal
  • Virtual tour of the off-the-beaten path areas: Odessa courtyards and some less touristy areas
  • A visit to an authentic local cafe to discuss Odessa’s cuisine and lifestyle
  • Interaction with the guide: fun and easy 4-question quiz and two 15-minute Q&A sessions
  • Professional tour guide who is an Odessa local
  • Small group virtual tour limited to 20 people that ensures personalized attention of the guide


Joining & payment instructions

  • This tour uses Zoom Video Conferencing. Don’t worry! We will email you directions and no need to create an account
  • A whole family can enjoy the tour from a single computer
  • Payment is made by Paypal
  • If you need to cancel or reschedule for any reason, please do so within 48 hours to receive the full refund
  • We do this tour as a group virtual tour (group size is limited to 20 people) or private virtual tour. Private virtual tour means that only your company participates in the tour. The participants can use different devices and be in different locations.


This Odessa’s main sights virtual tour is very similar to the Odessa Through the Centuries group walk. To make it more fun and engaging we’ve added a 4-question quiz about the city’s main sights.


Payment is made by Paypal

Virtual Group Tour

$12 per person. Children under 14 can join for free

Virtual Private Tour

You can make it a private tour on Zoom and arrange it for your family and friends. People in your party can join the tour from their individual locations

$30 total for 1 person

$40 total for a group of 2-4 people

$60 total for a group of 5-6 people

$80 total for a group of 7-8 people

$100 total for a group of 9-10 people

Contact us by email to get a price for parties of 11 people and more.


1hr 45min

How to join

Email us at odessawalks@gmail.com with your name, date and time when you’d like to join. We’ll respond to your email with payment instructions. Upon receiving the payment, we’ll email you confirmation and detailed instructions on how to join this virtual tour on Zoom.

Starting time of the virtual tour

We organize group and private virtual tours every day at the following times:

    • 2.30pm GMT time (3.30pm London time/4.30pm Central European time/7.30am US West coast time/10.30am US East coast time)
    • 10.30pm US West coast time


We are happy to set up individual starting time for private tours.


Group size

Virtual group tour — 12 people max

Virtual private tour — we can arrange it even for 1 person


To book this online experience email us at odessawalks@gmail.com with your name, date and time when you’d like to join or click on the «Book the Tour» button below.