Odessa Walks Virtual Tours

Live Virtual Tours of Odessa are an exciting way to explore the stunning city from the comfort of your home. Using Zoom we stroll around the old town and uncover Odessa’s main sights. We cook traditional local dish in a private kitchen and discuss lifestyle and cuisine. In real time we talk about the Jewish Odessa and visit the main sights. And there’s always space for interaction, your questions and our insights.

What’s more to it, we are super excited to do free Live Q&A sessions for the travelers planning to visit Odessa. Guests coming with a cruise, individual travelers and tour operators — join us live on Zoom. Travel tips, insights and your itineraries – let’s interact live.


Plan on visiting Odessa with a cruise, tour group or on your own? Need tips and insights on how to plan your itinerary? Book a free real time Q&A session with our guide. We’ll be happy to answer your questions, review your itineraries and provide local insights.